How to ID an inmate at a jail

I’ve been asked to notarize a POA for someone currently being held at the county jail. Apparently he won’t have his drivers license. I was told he’ll have an inmate badge with photo, etc. According to Texas law, the ID has to be a government-issued ID with photo and signature.

How have those of you that have done jail signings IDed inmates?

Thanks for your help!

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Sec. 406.014 of the Texas statutes states you may accept an “identification card issued by a governmental agency.” Is the inmate badge issued by the State? If not, you can be introduced to the signer and “if introduced, the name and mailing address of the individual introducing the signer, grantor, or maker,” so it sounds like you can ID a credible witness.

Thanks for your input, psajax. I was able to find a disinterested party to use as a credible witness and it all went well.

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Doesn’t the CW have to personally know the person who is signing so they can identify them?

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Yes. By disinterested I meant not involved in or benefiting from.

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Most of the larger county jails I’ve engaged inmates, [Harris, Fort Bend, Comal, Guadalupe, Bexar, Montegomery, Travis, and Tarrant] have notaries on staff. If there’s an attorney requesting your services make certain that the jail procedures don’t violate Attorney/Client Privilege. You’ll have to hand the documents to the corrections officers who can “see” what’s being signed.

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I never do jails. Takes to much time, and why…

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Good morning [davismobilenotary3]
What part of Texas are you in? I’m in the Dallas area. I was wondering if your prisoner ID was related to a seller signing I did about a week ago. They were a family 6 or 7 siblings selling their deceased parent’s property. and one of them was in prison and a Notary had to go there to get his POA Notarized. We all met at a restaurant to sign the Seller doc’s.


No, this was a POA to secure bail.

I’m not commissioned in Texas but I do have the confidence and experience to answer the common sense part of your question. County jail generally houses alleged lawbreakers awaiting sentancing to prison. Nobody incarcerated in jail is without an ID except you. You surrendered yours to the clerk to gain access to the inmate. Inmates are issued a wearable wristband ID with a booking #, DOB and a recent color photo. This jail ID along with personal appearance is considered satisfactory. If it’s not then you have very few reasonable options.

Befriending criminal lawyers who will need POA’s and bail bondsman who need deeds of trust with the assignment of rent is a good marketing idea. If they like you they can also provide mentoring too.

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