How to introduce myself at a Realtor Caravan

Hello, All!

I was given advice to hit up the local Realtor Caravans to introduce myself as a Loan Signing Agent. I’m looking to go tomorrow to my first one, but want to give a good impression, but also don’t want to come off overbearing at a weekly meeting that isn’t hosted by me. Any tips for a good, concise introduction that will help leave a good impression that I’m a confident and competent LSA?

How’d it end up going?

Talk to people who hire you…generally I found realtors to be quite unreliable for work…title companies and closing attys are far better.


It’s a quick, hello, nice to meet you, I’m a loan signing agent, here’s my card, and I’m available. Look forward to working with you. Repeat a dozen times before the meeting moved on. Quick and painless!

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That’s fair, but I received recommendation from someone I know who owns a notary business in a nearby area that it was the best way forward for the area.

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No, I know to speak to people and make contacts–I am asking you, how did this go FOR YOU? Any updates etc. Have you made any progress?