How to operate as a newbie in an Attorney state (GA)

Does anyone have any advice for a Newbie in an attorney state (GA)? I haven’t done any signings. Thank you in advance.

Hone your general notary skills - know your laws cold; market to attorneys in your area for remote notary services if their clients can’t get in to them; market to hospitals, nursing facilities and ALFs but be careful to be sure your signers are aware of what they’re signing. You’ll make contact either with the facility social worker or the ombudsman (Patient Advocate).

You cannot do loan signings in GA - but it’s been said you can do them IF the subject property is outside GA - I’m not sure of that so you can check with the GA Bar Association and your SOS as to whether this is acceptable or not. Remember, being a notary is not all about loan signings.

Something I was going to try prior to hanging up my hat for a bit - and this will help all - take your business cards and go visit Home Health agencies - I’m sure they run into many elderly who are homebound and may need your services.

Good Luck

I recently moved from GA to FL. I had an out of state property that sold a few years ago. A GA mobile notary came to me. No attorneys necessary b/c the property was out of state.

After moving to FL this year, we sold our home in GA. The GA attorney that was assigned, sent me my seller docs. It was my responsibility to find a notary and then send them back. On top of that, I was charged $150 to handle my own closing paperwork. It was odd.

Queried the Notary Café Search function and there are about 30 threads that go into detail for this topic. You’ll discover much assistance and valuable info in these previous threads.

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If you’re on Facebook, join the Georgia Notaries and Notary Signing Angents in Georgia groups! I promise you all of your questions will be answered and confusion will be cleared up. I’m in Georgia; feel free to PM me with any questions if you’d like! Congrats and welcome to the team! :slightly_smiling_face: