I am A New Notary Signing Agent in Florida

Hello everyone, I am a new Notary Signing Agent, but I do have 10 years in Title Industry and have closed over 2,000 loans and funded them. I was wondering what are the best Signing Services to work with?

Hi Ronda.

No one is going to give up their client list - especially their list of their bests clients. This is something you’re going to have to research on your own. You can do a search here - there’s a thread called “Best Signing Companies” - that may help get you started. My advice is, if at all possible, don’t work for signing services - do direct contracting w/ title companies.

Also, I’d suggest you join Notary Rotary - avoid the forum if you so choose but there’s a wealth of information there. Use that site for their “Signing Central” section - a list of hiring parties (title, signing services, law firms, etc etc) with rating on companies by notaries based on their experiences (payment amount, time frame, ease of working with them, etc). It’s an invaluable resource.

Good luck to you.

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FASS (First American Signature Services), Amrock, MIS (Mortgage Information Services). Three good national companies who pay promptly, maintain steady requirements clearly communicated, and provide regular offers. All, however, require a certain amount of experience. Yours may translate - you should try them.

Good luck over there in the Sunshine-and-Hurricane State!

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Hi Ronda
Welcome aboard. I also agree with the comment earlier about Notary Rotary. For a small fee you can have access to the reviews of 95% of the signing companies in the US. In the meantime, Amrock (Quicken Loans), First American Signing Services, BancServe, Snapdocs are good places to register to start getting experience.


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dmservlc, well, if you consider $79-$99/year a “small fee”…but Free basic listing there will give you access to the companies, forum comments and ratings - the only thing missing is contact info for the company; google is my best friend. But Basic, free works just fine.

A few points that I would like to make. I have been a signing agent for 2 months. I have only completed 2 signings in my 3 county area. From my stand point of view. This industry is dead here in my area. Please don’t misunderstand me. I am not sitting at home hoping that the phone rings. And yes I am receiving small signings that are between $25.00 and $40.00 with scan backs. I refuse to do those signings.especially when one of the companies is noted for not paying. With that said; I make more money sitting at home being a webmaster and doing Podcast Editing for several companies. I guess the point I’m trying to make is do not rely on one thing. Because if you do you will starve to death. Also when I was just getting started FASS (First American Signature Services), told me that I needed to have 50 signings under my belt before they would use me. How do you gain experience if you are never able to do any signings.