I am not receiving any signings

I am not receiving any work. How do I start receiving jobs? I have signed up on a few sites such as SnapDocs, signing order. I have all the requirements. I do not know where to start. please help.

Try promoting more gnw while waiting for loan signings. It surely helped me. Good luck

Hi Jacquesebell,

Welcome to Notary Cafe!

I would recommend signing up with as many signing service websites as possible. You can also promote yourself to title companies directly. It is a numbers game. I’ve been doing this for less than a year and make a decent full-time income, as of a few months ago (it took me about 4 months to build up from a little to a decent amount). Signings started slow but have steadily increased pretty much every month.

And no single title company or signing service represents a livable income for me. But together, they do.

Also, it’s important to sign up on as many websites that offer profiles as possible, including this one. My Pro membership has paid for itself many times over just from 2 to 3 well-paid title company signings that I got, based on them finding me via my Notary Cafe profile. I’ve also been found via my NNA/Signing Agent profile, my Notary Rotary profile, and my 123 Notary profile, as well as my Google My Business listing.

My point, which I’m guessing is pretty clear, is: be everywhere, as much as possible. Be “findable”, on every possible signing service, and every possible profile listing.

The only ones I pay for are Notary Cafe, and for extra zip codes on Signing Order (less than $10/month for both). And I guess I do pay for Signingagent.com because you have to be an NNA member, but I would pay for NNA membership anyway, because Snapdocs requires it, in order to be Snapdocs Verified, which can actually be a pretty big deal including to certain title companies.

I’d also highly recommend signing up with The Closing Exchange and C2C (Coast 2 Coast). Both of those signing services are new notary friendly. They don’t necessarily pay a lot, but they’re good for new notaries to rack up a decent number of signings, which then allows you to apply to signing that like to see a certain number of signings. It also gets you more and better signings on any given platform. My average fee has increased at least $20 in the last few months even from typically low-paying platforms / signing services.

These include Servicelink, (I think) Bancserv, FASS Notary, etc. They all want to see around 50 or so signings. That probably sounds like a lot to you right now.

However, I started in January and finish the month with five or six signings. Currently, I have over 200 signings. It can scale quickly if you sign up with enough signing services and talk to enough title companies. Currently my business is split about 50/50 between signing services and title companies.

Also, after I started signing up back in January, I think it was at least a week or two before I started seeing signing offers. And so, if you just signed up within the last few days you may have to be a bit patient. But, again, the main things are to create profiles everywhere you can, sign up with all the signing services that you can, and promote yourself to title companies, as well.

I know a guy who has yet to do a single signing, but went in directly to one of the largest title companies in my area, because he has a relative who is a real estate agent, who works with that title company. He met with the closing manager who told him they have a monthly training program for new notaries, that he is welcome to join.

I already do a lot of work for that same title company and didn’t even know about that program.

Be findable, talk to people, and do the best work you can on every signing, and your business is basically guaranteed to grow.

Why? Because most notaries actually don’t do those three very obvious things.

All the best!