I Cancel appointment

Just wanted to share my experience today. I finally received a signing but I didn’t notice it was scheduled in 30 minutes. My printer wouldn’t work when it finally did it was only printing letter size. I decided to cancel appointment I contact signing company through email because they were not responding the phone calls. What do you think? Will they contact me again?

Very hard to say…but you’ve learned two good lessons with this:

  1. Always have good, working equipment - the investment pays for itself

  2. Always ask questions when accepting a signing - especially the time - the devil is in the details - lack of details in any signing assignment is a recipe for disaster. I bet this package had a bunch of other stipulations that would have surprised you (200+ pages X2, scanback full package, immediate drop, name discrepancies, etc etc).

@Yadiraa111 Congratulations on your first assignment ( sort of ).

The signing agencies knows what time the assignment is scheduled for. In an ideal world, the documents are supposed to be available to you a minimum of 2 hours prior to the scheduled signing. If they are not provided within that window the signing is then considered a Rush. If you don’t have the documents within an hour of the scheduled time it’s an Absolute Rush.

The signing agency, is aware the docs are late, they are aware you need to print two copies, haven’t had much of an opportunity to review the documents, and still need to drive to the signing location. #TheyKnowYouWillBeLate Personally, I wouldn’t have canceled the assignment instead I would have informed the signing agency I will arrive late due to getting the documents extremely late and also called and informed the signer I would be late after waiting on the documents to arrive.

So why not just cancel the appointment as you did? Good question, and here’s why you don’t cancel. You can’t get back you lost time, and effort invested in preparing for signing. (Not being critical of you) But you gave up to easy on this one. I’m sure you’ll have many more signing in your future.



Thank you very much for your response. I was regretting this decision for several days. That day nothing was working for me my printer settings were off, the paper would get jam constantly. This was going to be my first signing and after seeing the 170 pg I was honestly not prepared. If I would have went to that appointment, I know I would have made many critical mistakes. I took a course to become a NSA but the package that they gave me was only 65 pages and outdated with no Notary certificates. The package that I received for the canceled appointment was the one that helped me prepare for my future signings. I saw many forms and certificates that the practice package did not have. I studied that package and asked questions. Two Notary signing agent have helped me out a lot without knowing me. I’m so grateful to them. I’m happy to say that the signing company that I originally canceled with has provided me with many signings. Every time I go to a signing I learn something new and I feel more and more comfortable. I learned my lesson. I now read throughout the description of the signing assignment before I click accept.

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I am as new as you are. I have noticed something about these services. I get notified of low offers. I decline them on their pop-up. I get renotified in 2-3 hours for the same offer. I say no and put in a reason when I can on the popup- pay too low. Then in another 2 the hours the same assignment appears with a different number. There was one that did this and details “TBD”. I said, yes on the popup and it’s the same assignment so I put in a higher rate in the comments! I am now committed. They call me and I said that I had declined several times. The job board said,“I am not supposed to say this, it’s your first assignment you should take it for a good rating to get more assignments.” So then the assignment confirmation acceptance pop-up had the same problem. They now seem unprofessional to me. I am so frustrated already it seems as a race to the bottom like the IT, and real estate is doing. I will go and be professional, but I am not thrilled…

I’m glad you have not fallen for the low offers. I too received offers for $75. I just ignore them. It’s to much work and expensive to print documents, a copy for the borrower and sometimes need to scan back a full package. Ink, paper and gas are extremely pricey. There is a discussion in notary cafe that provides great information on good paying signing services. You should take a look at it.

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