I fired Signature Closers today and feel GREAT about it!

I fired them yesterday. I had three scheduled with them, with an average distance of 70 miles round trip from my home.

I had an 8:30 appointment with my mom at a doctor. Her sister was to take her from the doctor so I could go to a 9:30 signing. I let Signature Closers know I needed docs by 7:15 (15 minutes earlier than their two-hour “We expect our notaries to be able to take the signing…” line). At 7:45 I asked to be un-assigned from that signing.

Mom is fine and I brought her home. The docs for my 2 PM signing were printed and ready to go, signing confirmed, all is well, and that one went off without a hitch.

At 1:02 PM I got an email saying they have asked title for the docs for my 4:30 PM signing, nothing further is necessary from me.

At 3:19, I sent a note to them asking status of docs since signing is in 1 hour and 11 minutes. Looking back, I should have not sent that email.

At 3:54 they asked title “Can documents be sent now? Thanks!”

I IMMEDIAELY responded that there are just over 30 minutes till the signing; as it is, I have to PAY to print these docs, if they are not to me within 3 minutes I will not be able to take the signing.

At 4:03 I received an email saying the docs were ready. Sorry, 27 minutes to find an Office Depot or FedEx Office, and PAY to use their computer and then PAY to print the docs and RUSH to the signing? Thank you but not happening. (I WAS sitting in the parking lot of Office Depot, but I had not gone in and didn’t know if they had a PC I could use to download the documents; also I was concerned that the file would stay on the computer no matter how much I deleted it.)

I let them know that I could not do the signing due to the lateness of the docs. I told them that this late notice was on them, not me, since these docs were just WAY too late.

At 4:13 I received their automated “Docs are now ready, we apologize for the lateness of them blah blah blah” automated robocall. I punched the button saying I could not do the signing and assign someone else.

I gave up MULTIPLE signing offers yesterday in my own town to be able to do these three signings all in the same town, averaging 70 miles round-trip for each one (I was going to hang out in the town between signings, do a little shopping, etc.) instead I was able to do only one of the three signings.

So I fired them. I now respond to each of their requests with “Due to the distance and Signature Closers’ habit of sending documents less than 30 minutes prior to the closing I must decline this offer.” I don’t know if they are reading these or not, but it DOES give me satisfaction to write that.

It’s a pity, too, since they always paid reasonably quickly and direct deposit, but after yesterday I am fed up. Too many cancellations, too many late documents. They block time on my calendar that I can be putting to better use than waiting for documents and agonizing over whether the docs will or will not arrive on time. I don’t know why they feel they have to lock in a notary super early and then jerk us around like this. ENOUGH!

Thanks for listening!


You really let it out, Barbara :+1::joy:


These signing services need to realize that WE are the ones out there in the trenches, and since teleportation has not been perfected yet, we can’t do these signings when they don’t get us what we need.

They should have been bugging the title company literally first thing yesterday morning for those documents.


Absolutely! We need their business as much as they need our notary commission for their closings. At one point they got to understand that is not a one way street only.


I hope that they “see the light” sooner rather than later…


Ugh, I feel ya! I was supposed to have my first appointment with them yesterday and things are already off to a bad start.

Docs never showed up, I reached out for an update two hours prior to the appointment time and they said that they had reached out to the lender and that I will receive an update. Crickets after that. I followed up twice. No response.

They finally emailed me this morning saying that the appointment was cancelled. You don’t say?! eye roll


Despite Signature Closing’s late docs, why are you using public computers for downloading and printing? Thise files have sensitive personal information that is stored in their computers and is against Notary Signing Agent procedures as per NNA training. I don’t know how long you have been an Agent, but you need to invest in your own equipment. It will save you time and money in the long haul and you have control over deleting files so there is no security issues. A laptop and a good dual-tray printer/scanner is what you need. Then you don’t have to worry if the docs are a little late. Yes, we all wish all institutions are efficient and on time, but in the real world it does not always happen.

Glad your mom was ok. Good luck.


I would only use a “public” computer like that to log in and forward the docs to the FedEx printers.

I lease a Ricoh dual-tray printer. I have my own equipment, including a laptop, iPad, and portable scanner so I can upload documents from my car.

Please don’t assume that people don’t have their own equipment when we are about 40 miles away from home and have no other option available to us to print. Not everyone has a printer in their car.

This is not the first time Signature has been late with docs. One time I was getting off the freeway 35 miles from home when they called and said the docs had JUST been changed. So good riddance to a really screwed-up company.


To be fair, she said she wasn’t near her house to print the late documents. Plus had the title company and signing service did their job, she would have had the documents well in advance to print. I have no sympathy for late documents since the loans/purchases aren’t done on a damn whim, and the process has enough steps where all the info/documents should be together almost weeks in advance.

Also, who really has space/money to have a full printer in their car? Where I live, having a printer in the back of your car means at some point a broken window and no printer. Plus, having any equipment in a trunk where heat and cold can be unregulated during times of the year, you’re looking at replacing your equipment quite often.

Printing at a public computer goes against best practice but sometimes you gotta do what you gotta do. I don’t do that, but I get why some have to.


Just two comments from me here -

  1. Never ever print at a public computer - if your situation is such that your docs are late and you cover a large area (rendering returning to your office impossible) either readjust your scheduling practices or invest in portable equipment and hookups to print on the road; and

  2. No way would I upload docs to FedEx to print - that’s worse than printing on a public computer - you’re compromising signers’/borrowers’ PII big time.

I’m sorry to be so critical - but think about it this way - this is YOUR loan signing - and the person doing your signing has uploaded your docs (which include your name, address, phone number, financial information including assets and debts, SOCIAL SECURITY NUMBER, to a third party who has no business having this information - how would you feel.


Say it louder for the people in the back! :clap: I applaud your dedication to posting the same thing over and over again. I think this comes up once every three weeks if not more often…How many ways to say do not print from public computers? And no scanning either…


@barbara_rambow Thanks for posting this. I’ve have decision space over the last week or so to straighten my spine and do what you did with Signature Closers. My very FIRST signing for them occurred at 11pm at night for a 5:30pm signing. I should have known. With MANY late docs in between, my last and final signing for them was Mon, 21 December 2020 at 10am. I print out a 175 page package on Sun night at 10pm, texted the borrower to remind him of our signing in the morning, and was told that he had no intentions of closing b/c his loan terms were not acceptable. I emailed SC and the Title company immediately and relayed the message. Both SC AND title responded saying they were going to look into it. Monday comes, I send another email, no response. Fly another, nothing. 11am comes, “Based on the time of this closing, you should have closed successfully.” (eye roll). 12:00, another “Closed Successfully?” 1, 2, 3pm -more. Then I get a crazy email from the “Post Closing Compliance Team” asking why didn’t I close. Provided all emails to them, then asked for a $25 print fee. No response. I’m DONE with Signature Closers! That was my last $85 job I’d previously accepted before deciding to never accept another low ball offer from them. Good riddence!


I keep them on a very short leash. I try to not travel more than 1/2 hour from my computer for them, in whatever direction. And nowhere I have to pay tolls or parking. I choose mostly one lender’s package over another bc that one is more reliable. I take their appointments traveling in a direction I’m already planning for that day. And if I leave without their docs to start my day at whatever time, I just prepare to cancel, if needed. I find being more strategic with them has lessened my anxiety. And I keep the borrowers in the loop and let them know I haven’t gotten their docs. Unfortunately, taking 3 from them for the same day is guaranteed they are not all going to close.


I just started with them last week. Scheduled a signing today for this weekend where they offered $85 for a refi 90 minutes away. I replied no, fee too low and said I would do it for $175. They accepted my rate. Docs are ready so I hope it goes smooth. I will keep my guard up with this company…


I did the same thing last month. I was continually frustrated with their lack of support. I will admit that they did pay on time (big deal, they are supposed to) but I am a lot happier with my business by not using Signature… 3 of the title companies have called me directly instead of going through signature to do signings for them… So things are looking up and I am making a lot more money per signing. I told Signature to remove me from their database and I no longer get bothered by them.


It would be worth the opportunity to make more profit to buy the printer. I bought a refurbished 3015 hp for less than 300… t0 get in this business you must have the tools.
I kniw its pricey but the time saved and money earned is WELL worth tyhe expense.

Good strategy. you control your business not vice versa.


This is a printer you keep in your car?

From my past experiences with them - this is one company I would never consider firing. They always treated me well in the past and paid me well too - met my fees, docs on time and paid like clockwork. Sure things happen internally…to all of us, including lender, title, SS and notary. We adjust and adapt.

I hope those who have already fired them haven’t shot themselves in the foot - for those thinking about it? Give it a good, long hard look - this is one of the best companies out there. If I were to get back into loan signings right now this would be one of the first companies I sign up with. I like them that much.



@LindaH-FL, They are now low ballers. Average offer is $85. The $150s are once a month. Their customer service absolutely sucks. You can’t call them, the late docs are out of control, and they don’t listen or update your signings when you cancel. I can count on 1 hand (3 times) I’ve been able to get assistance or a call back.