I found a list of MISMO approved RON, RIN, and IPEN providers for emortgage closing!

Your still good! List the top 5 and keep going! Just like @VIPnotaryCO stated you don’t have to have them all at one time. Start with Nexsys and go from there. I think the bulk of the companies use Nexsys. Then again I’m still waiting to complete my first RON, but at least I’m trained and ready! Woot!


The closing Exchange uses them and offers training !

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Who do you use as a platform for RON’s that’s not to expensive?

All the links attached to this original post has all the information you need to know about each platform. Just click on each link to learn more about them and go from there. Good luck.

Hey guys, I’m onboard with 4 companies now to do RON for them on Nexsys. :dancer::dancer::dancer::dancer: I think I’m going to stick with just one RON provider for now and just keep adding one company at a time since the
top largest lenders, titles, and signing companies are only doing RON on Nexsys Clear Sign.

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I agree! I enjoy some of the notary tips and content on this site but the negativity I see expressed in the comments toward new notaries is sad. Instead of building each other up, it seems like there is enjoyment in tearing people down. I think it is time for me to sign off on this site. If you have experience, what is wrong with sharing your knowledge and expertise with others who just joined the notary community? We have to do better.


I asked you before, what state are you in?

I think I answered before look at my handle! CO

See my answer below each of your post! I replied using the wrong reply button that’s all:)

thank you so much. i just started researching RON and my head was spinning… your post is helpful to add to my research.

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Start with your state, then nna, then you tube can be helpful. then take a moment to digest and move forward with what’s best for you.

You can add Cyberize It to this list. I agree that using the list your state approves should be good enough. I know the Notary divisions all make sure these platforms are legit.

This list is only for the ones that have been approved by MISMO which is considered very prestigious. There are plenty of companies that can provide RON, RIN, E-Closing, etc. as well but that doesn’t mean they are the approved providers by MISMO. A lot of companies are jumping on the bandwagon to provide these services because they all know it’s the future.

MISMO stands for Mortgage Industry Standards Maintenance Organization.

And I thought it was some kinda soup.


Thank you for taking the time to post these. Every little bit helps.


If you don’t mind answering, what approach do you take when reaching out to title companies to request to be added to their list for RON closings?

Very simple, I call to ask if they offer RON to their clients, if so what platform, etc.
If they are using Nexsys, I ask them to add me.
It they don’t use Nexsys, then I don’t ask to be added. I’m very direct when asking for business. :grin:Don’t be afraid to ask for business.

Thanks, appreciate the insight!

Forgot to mention that lenders and titles will recruit you as well. I’ve been getting recruiting calls and emails as well from them.