I have found a few signing companies that have been wonderful to work with

Here are a few that I have found in my experience to be wonderful:
Noble Notary Signing (they pay very quickly)
USOnline Notary Services

I hope this helps.


What state are you located in??

They don’t have Florida listed under the state they provide service for

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Florida but most of these companies are not in FL.

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Most of these companies do not reside in FL.

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@amydawn22 Thank you for sharing & caring! :tulip::tulip::tulip:



https://www.noblenotaryonline.com/ Looked at this service online and shocked that they placed person from State of WA license on their website. Never seen that before on a website. PDQ Notary performs other tasks such as processing service, bonds. Thanks for information and will check out other listings as time allows.

I can only report my experience and my experience w/ these companies has been great.

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Thank you for the information.

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Hi, thanks for sharing. I’ve only heard of one of these companies before, that is PDQ. I’m in California so they might not have business out here. I hope I have some time to check them out.

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Thank you! My two faves this year are Bancserv and Certified Signer Nationwide. I’ve worked with many, many, many others, but not so much in 2024. Those two stand out.


Thank you for sharing. I’ve not heard of either.

I have worked with PDQ Notary and can also agree that they are great to work with.

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I like PDQ Notary too. It’s so rare to find a decent signing service with such personal service.

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I’ve contacted PDQ and visited the Noble Notary portal. I’m not sure if Noble Notary is still in business. The signup packet features two other notaries names. There is also a charge to receive the 300 company list. I couldn’t find where to sign up on USOnline Notary Services and I wonder if they are mostly concentrating on RON. GoAspen seems to be site inspectors, I shot them an email. AustinNotary seems to be local.
I looked up the average salary for a Notary Public in Texas,at $146,000 it is nearly three times what a the average notary makes in California? The price per notarization is $10 in Texas but $15 in California. We mostly do not have RON so why do Texas notaries make so much more money? It’s Saturday, I don’t expect much of a reply but other signing companies I have tried have not replied either to my initial inquiry or to my sending out a huge signup packet. Not very encouraging out there.

Once again, I did not reach out to any of these companies; they reached out to me. They were great to work with. The end.

California is a tyrannical state so expect to get paid less and have a lot more laws and rules.

Thanks Amy. I appreciate sharing your experience.