I Just Fired Sunshine Signing Connection

I have done several signing for Sunshine Signing Connection. In fact on a number of times they have called me directly for signings. I pride myself on being an Expert Signing Agent. The reason I have elected to terminate the relationship is earlier this month they signed me to a Heloc 200 plus pages. But represented it as a regular Refi. I have done a number of Debt Resolution signings for them and they have had several issues getting the fee right. Today though took the cake. I have been scheduled to for 2 days to do a cash out refinance. Texas law requires that it be done at a title or attorneys office. This is not easy to find during the Corona Virus pandemic. But because of my relationships I can make it happen. So I booked an office at a friends title company. I started communicating no docs to Sunshine before noon for a 3:00 PM signing. They didn’t respond for sometime. The only response was that they were calling title. So I called around 1:00 PM saying I don’t have docs. The person said they would call title and communicate with me. They did not communicate. So I called again. I had a 2:00 appointment and called before that appointment. I also let them know that i could print the docs at the title company. So after my 2:00 I called again and they said they were waiting on title. I proceeded to the location. They updated the time to 4:00 PM. This signing being 30 minutes from my home I decided I could not return home and make it too the signing so I waited at the title office. I again communicated with the Client who at 3:40 informed me that the signing has been rescheduled for the next day at her residence. Sunshine called and asked how much was I charged for the room. I replied $50.00. They agreed to pay it. Shortly thereafter the title company called and said that they had been talking to Sunshine all day about the documents. About 5:00 PM Sunshine calls me and says if I don’t take a fee reduction they will have to resign the order. This is an unethical organization. They will have you commit on there behalf and not stand up for the contract if it suits them.


I don’t blame you for no longer working with them.

Curious. What was your average debt signing fee? They are always pretty low on the initial SnapDocs offer

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I would not accept them if they wouldn’t pay a minimum $65. But they would try to slip in lower fees and I would have to call them back and say if its not at least $65 call someone else.


I am so sorry to hear about your horrible experience with this:(. How about just work directly with title companies only? I had a bad day today but not as bad as yours:(. I had 1 closing that was scheduled for this Saturday that was removed from me because the client asked for a spanish speaking notary. Another one was a split closing and was scheduled for me to close tomorrow but got removed from me because they got another notary who is willing to drive 6 hrs RT to get it closed by tonight. I’m a bit disappointed that I lost 2 this week but I’m ok with that because they were from my top title company. That’s part of the job.

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They sent me a request a long time ago for $150 for DR but I declined.

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I also blocked them the other day. They have been booking me even though I did not accept the job. And they call me 10 times a day wanting me to do debt resolutions that I do not like doing. So I blocked them on snapdocs. They also pay low and late on docs.


I totally understand. I stay away from reverse mortgages and DR. Focusing strictly on refis and buyer sellers only


On my DNDBW list now.

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Your BAD KARMA OF doing debt resolutions catches up. i have time and again requested notaries to NOT do debt signing.
Out of state debt signing companies are just operating as scams. no benefit to customer. There are tons of Instate NON PROFIT debt resolution.

As long as desperate “make money by any means” notaries exist, exploiter will one day become the exploited. That is how cyclical this is.

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I;m not a believer in debt resolution for me. And I had a pretty negative idea about it. Until I did a few older people that just could not afford the situation that they were living in. They were over 80 and although they made some mistakes, it was not easy for them to continue. At the point were they can’t pay for meds. Making the choice between food and credit card bills. So no for me it’s not a good deal. But for them it was had it’s benefits. It is really something to judge and think that KARMA has anything to do with it. Maybe it was just a bad company and I reacted accordingly.


Wow. This is crazy. I’ve always had good experiences with these guys except for the Heartland debt resolution junk – I can’t look my signers in the eye and not feel dirty when doing those “presentations.” But I’ve never had issues with them like this. A good reminder to make sure everyone you do business with is doing business on the level.

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If you must do debt resolutions, please do the following: make sure they have a copy of the documents, the debt resolution services probably told you that you didn’t have to leave a copy, lastly, leave the RTC with them and make sure they know about it, again the debt resolution services probably told you not to leave a copy unless they request it. They do this for a reason, they want to remove any incentive (as in looking too closely at the documents) incase the signers decide to cancel. The last one I did, I went home printed a copy of the documents and brought it back to them… never again will I do a debt resolution.


Are you doing debt ? Do you have a conscience ?

I had to block them on SD as they were doing the exact same to me. I accepted 5 assignments from them two were successful and the other 3 failed. After those last 3 occurrences I am done with them. Something must be going on behind the scene with them cause they have gone down hill.

I totally agree with you. Unacceptable.
Most are debt resolutions and they ultimately trying to get people to file bankruptcy. I don’t do what I consider unethical situations.

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I was just about to sign up with them. I wonder if they have gotten their act together in 2021?

On my DNDBW list, I mistakenly accepted a signing and was going to go thru with it when they sent me a non-compete agreement. I refused to sign the agreement and they called me and told me that it wasn’t a non-compete agreement…they lied in my opinion.

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