I just had an experience

This is my last day before vacation (yay!), so I was successfully ignoring those hundred of last-minute-order texts. Turned off my notifications, silenced the ringer… you know the drill. Heading home from my final signing of the day, already planning all the lovely baking projects I can do before Christmas. But the phone screen lit up, and I recognized the number as a long-time loan officer client/friend. So, despite the sinking feeling in my stomach, I took the call.

Yes, a last minute signing. Please, she said, I’m desperate. The notary originally assigned was a no show and isn’t answering his phone at all. Please, these folks are a step away from losing their close on their new house - they have to sign tonight. Please…

Well, I can hold out against one “Please.” I can even stand my ground against two. But three in a single paragraph? This client/friend never plays the “it’s a pathetic situation, please save these poor people” game with me. So, with a sigh and reluctantly turning off my mental oven, I agreed.

It was a neat package, very tidy, from a local credit union. No unusual docs, just a simple straightforward purchase. Rate lock ended at midnight, I noted - and thought that was the reason for the rush. So I called to confirm, and the husband sounded cautiously grateful. I drove the 35 minutes to their apartment building. He met me at the door and asked if I smoked. I glanced around, usual when I enter a new place, and noted the oxygen tanks tucked behind the door. I told him no smoking, but I do have pets. He asked me if I would take off my shoes - no problem - and wear a hospital gown and cap. I agreed, of course.

By now that sinking feeling had hit my feet. I know when I’m going to be signing documents for someone who is very, very sick, possibly terminal. COVID? I had to ask.

No, he said. My wife has Stage 4 ovarian cancer. She was diagnosed a week after we started looking for a house. We could never afford to buy one until I got a promotion last year; she’s always wanted our own home. We made offer after offer, but it took almost 7 months before one was finally accepted. It’s taken two months to get to this point. (By now he was crying.) She wants her own home.

I can’t do much here, I thought, but I can damned well do everything possible to get these documents done right and help this woman get her dream.

The signing took nearly two hours. She was so thin, she barely made a shape beneath the blankets. I double and triple checked everything before I left. Then I drove another 30 miles and put those completed documents directly into the hands of my loan officer/friend. I cried all the way home.

That couple? They are 24 and 25 years old.


What a very sad story… my heart feels heavy for this couple. I don’t know how you made it through this. I would have broke down crying at the signing. Bless their heart :heart: Stay safe and have a beautiful Christmas :christmas_tree:


You are their angel, Judi. Such a sad story, but you made their dream come true.


They were so young. All alone, no family… When she needed a break, he and I would retreat to the living room for 15 minutes or so. He desperately needed to talk to someone. Poor boy - he loved her so much that watching him struggle to find words was painful.

I hope when I left, they both knew they had something to anticipate. I really hope so.


You went well above the call-of-duty. For making their wish come true, you will be truly blessed.


I was very uplifted by reading your story of helping this young couple. You’ve made me very proud to be a public servant… with a heart.

Thank you,



OH- My - GOD. You just never know how we impact lives.


That is so heartbreaking. But you did a wonderful thing. Happy Holidays! Enjoy your vacation.

I do not have a similar story as a Notary BUT a very similar one as a friend at church lost his wife to cancer before their home loan closed and she too was under 30 years of age. Steve went ahead with the purchase because it was what “Jen” would have wanted.


God will Bless you abundantly for being their Good Samaritan Angel. True we never know how much we can impact others’ lives. This story will touch everyone who reads it and give us all a renewed sense of purpose. :pray:t4:

WoW! Very sad experience :cry:. Glad you took that assignment, since you were their last recourse for them to get their home. God bless your heart, and theirs.

God Bless you. This brought tears to my eyes and I am so thankful for how truly blessed I am. You never know what people are going through.

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