I’m thinking about adding Hazard pay…

Had to meet my signer in the park… and then I see this🥺

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I don’t know about you but I charge additional trip fee if the customer change their signing location on the day of closing. For example I’m supposed to meet them at their house. Then they say let’s meet at the park or something, trip fee based on the distance.

The signer was on a military base with no civilian access so I knew where I was going I just wasn’t expecting that.

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One time I closed at a smoker’s home. I walked in this small room with cigarette buds all over, and borrower was smoking. I’m allergic to cigarette smoke and had a hard time breathing and was coughing the whole time. I asked the client to put it out and we moved the signing to outside.
When I drove off, my whole body smelled like cigarette smoke, I was still coughing hours later. I also had to ask the rest of the signers after that appointment if the smell of cigarette smoke will bother them or any allergies before I step inside. I called title and told her about it and she gave me $100 more for hazardous signing.


I’ve been in several signers homes that were much more hazardous than this. If I could charge hazard pay I would have been retired years ago. :stuck_out_tongue: