ID Copies no longer?

I have noticed that companies are requesting me not to make copies of ID’s. I follow the instructions but when ID copies become an issue and why. In the instruction they only say not to but they do not say why. So I am asking why? I don’t any issues but I do want to know why incase I am asked the question by a signer.

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Only two words: ID theft


Most signers indicate they’ve already provided a copy/scan of their current government issued photo IDs to their Lender as they log into my Notarial Journal. Presumably, the Lender shares it with the Title/Escrow company.

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Yes, when one applies for a loan, in addition to a whole slew of docs they have to submit with the application (W-2’s, tax returns, insurance policies, assets, liabilities, etc) ID is one of those docs as well. All this is done “usually” through a secure portal (especially if using an on-line application submittal platform) operated by the lender.

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One set of instructions I received stated that Bank of America’s Privacy Policy prohibited copies of ID’s to be sent with loan package. Perhaps most companies have adopted this to help prevent ID fraud which is prevalent and rampant these days.

Yeah, I don’t ever send copies (or emails) of ID’s unless the instructions specifically ask for it, and when they do ask for it, it is usually through the same secure portal you downloaded the docs from. If you received the docs via email, and they want copies of ID sent back, I simply encrypt the email with a password. NEVER include the password in the same email chain (it kind of defeats the “security” purpose). Call or text them with the password. I use FlowCrypt for Gmail. I use this for scan-backs as well if they don’t use a secure portal. Hope this helps!