ID doesn't match with name on the docs

Hello everybody! Can somebody give me advise-is it legal to sign docs for wife when she has ID with maiden name but on the docs she has husband’s last name?

What’s legal depends on your state. The first thing I would ask the wife is “what is your current name?” If she WANTS to use her maiden name then it’s up to her to complain to whoever drew up the documents to correct the documents.

If she WANTS to use her married name but only has ID in the maiden name, her options depend on the state where the notarization will take place. Common options are to find a notary who knows her personally, or provide credible witnesses. The exact procedures for credible witnesses vary considerably from state to state.


Thank you for advise!!!

@olhavrzh Hi Olah - where are you located?

ILLINOIS worry about my notary comission

Does Illinois allow you to use “f/k/a” or “a/k/a” or “WTTA”?

As Ashton said if this lady is legally now known by “married name” she is either going to have to get ID in that name OR there will have to be a redraw on the docs showing one of the above - f/k/a, a/k/a or wtta.

I have sent the scan to the title Will see how it works
Thank you for advise

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