ID Proofing

I did my first ID proofing … I’m nervous because I didn’t know to but the issue number from the birth certificate. I’m sure thats a simple newbie error but sheesh I didn’t want any mistakes on this. I guess this is another learning experience. I for sure next time will go over my training materials when encountering something new because I don’t like mistakes! Ugh
I just posted this for other newbies, we live and we learn but we don’t stop.


“ID proofing” could mean a variety of things, so it’s not clear what you were working on.

Birth certificates are not usually acceptable as proof of identity to perform a notarization. They might be acceptable to title companies as a second form of ID when completing the form, sometimes called the Patriot Act form, showing how the notary identified the signer. In some states, the notary could use a birth certificate to supplement the main form of ID (say, driver license) when identifying a signer before doing a notarization.

As of about 20 years ago, a federal agency found that there were about 14,000 different forms of birth certificate in circulation, all of which were legitimate. So there is no guarantee that a birth certificate will have an “issue number” (whatever that is).

It was for his job and it was his second form of identification. It wasn’t the patriot act form.

Are you talking about completing the I9 form?

No ma’am it was called that. It was an EXOSTAR ID proofing through NOTARYGO. I was able to fix it and I have a better understood now after talking to NotaryGo


I just did my first ID Proofing for this same company this week. The client used his birth certificate along with an unexpired drivers license. He only had to document the state and year his birth certificate was issued. I may have notarized one page and that was it. It was accepted with no issues.

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Yes it worked out fine…Thank You!

I like those NotaryGo ID proofings. Nice and fast and easy too.


Can I ask what they pay? And what’s involved? Thanks.

They basically just have you check the person’s ID and fill out a couple of forms. I haven’t done one in a couple of months. The pay was always low - between $40 and $60 - but they’re very fast.


Thanks so much. I guess if it’s very local it’ll be worth it. I appreciate your reply.

If my signer only has a DL it looks like she has to use a birth certificate as a second form of ID is this correct?

Yes or any other ID acceptable on the provider list. Most prefer a birth certificate though.

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I know my reply is a bit late, but I’d like to drop in and say that we’ve all been there with those newbie errors. It’s all part of the learning process, and you’re absolutely right – we live and we learn! So, I appreciate your willingness to share your learning experiences!