I'm not trying to sell you the latest marketing boot camp, accelerator, or mastery class

Since the NSA business has been slowing to a crawl, I was looking for some insight into marketing with a broader reach beyond Notary Services. What I found was a book authored by James Bond, titled “Sell More with a Right-Brain Marketing Strategy”, ISBN 978-0-9988657-2-0. This book is only about 150 pages long and a light read. [Endorsement Transparency: I receive no renumeration for endorsing Mr. Bond’s book. I have no financial connections to the Author, Publisher, or any book seller who offers this book for sale.]

Mr. Bond shares his insights on marketing that may help you better see how your marketing decisions are affecting your business. This book explains how the human brain processes what you see and hear in an easy to follow format. In other words you don’t need to be a Neuro-Scientist to grasp what he’s saying. For example he explains why some marketing tag lines really stick; “Can you hear me now?”, “Where’s the Beef!”, and one of my favorites, the little green gecko.

Since many are looking for a second or third income stream, the principles Mr. Bond sets forth can be applied to all most any small business marketing plan.

On to other marketing advice.

When picking a name for your small business there things to avoid, such as business names that have a religious overtone. Being a person of faith I understand where you’re coming from, remember not everyone shares your religious ideology, and in fact may be turned off by the same.

Keep a clean social media presence. Posting controversial topics or comments can result in your not getting assignments. Many businesses are sensitive to whom they do business.

Using humor can be a valuable marketing tool. Not everyone in the staff meeting thought referring to the Mexican Telephone company as ‘Taco Bell’ was funny, especially the telephone company’s executives who over heard this line from the corridor.

Make sure you operate your business like a business. Keep accurate notary records as well a business records [bookkeeping].

All for now, comments invited

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Need to work on finding my “right brain”. At my age a lot of cobwebs up there. :blush:

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To All Notary Cafe Seekers:

There are pages & pages with lists of texts to learn from on Amazon about just that topic! In addition, there are texts that are specifically TAILORED to specific states.

So, there is a WEALTH of information readily & easily available with the touch of a few keystrokes.

Considering my longstanding, active & current professional experience, I can state, though, that most of the texts found on that venue are NOT ones I’d invest in purchasing. They’re mostly selling you the “sizzle” & NONE of the “steak.” I can make this statement, because over the years I’ve purchased many of them & found them sorely lacking in substance.

With that said, there is ONE text that have purchased & gained an IMMENSE amount of wisdom, support, & guidance from reading => “Marketing Your Non-Loan Notary Services” by Laura Vestanen. The price is QUITE reasonable at a mere $11. This text will be instrumental in guiding you to effectively & efficiently expanding your business while simultaneously utilizing your well-honed notarial skills!

I truly found it to be very helpful , insightful, and truly assisted me in brainstorming my way to greater success . It’s much easier to surf the peaks and valleys of business cycles if there are multiple income streams (diversify your services across varied business sectors ). :sparkles:

FYI: I receive no compensation or remuneration of any type or kind as a result of my first-hand experiential review above nor from any sales of the text.

I’ve previously referenced this instrumental text many times previously on the Notary Cafe forum as well:


Plus, here’s a Great marketing tip directly from Laura:


It’s my sincere hope that you’ve found this post to be supportive, insightful, & helpful!


Please be kind enough to clarify what you mean when you say, “Considering my longstanding, active & current professional experience, I can state, though, that most of the texts found on that venue are NOT ones I’d invest in purchasing”, specifically, “that venue”.

@RiverpointeTax By any chance, did you read the initial line?


Instead of providing a clear and direct answer to my question, you offer a snarky response. Copy-n-pastes advice, some of which are nine years old, and endorsing a book that was written over 12 years ago, doesn’t seem to fit the current state of this business.

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