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I would like to hear your thoughts about offering Immigration Forms completion services. I like to have as many tools in my toolbox and different options for income streams. I have been able to fill the singing gap with vehicle inspections by becoming a Certified Field Inspector which has helped in a big way as the signing offers have been slow… (I’m newly certified). In my state of Arizona, a Notary Public can perform those duties once trained. I was wondering the following

1- Is it worth taking the training with the NNA to add this tool
2- What is the average or ranges that can be charged to provide this service

Please share your thoughts and experiences with me.

Where did you take your training to get certified? I’m also in AZ.

Are you asking where I got certified as a field inspector? As for the Signing Agent certification, I got certified with the National Notary Association. I did not take their training course. I took the free training courses offered on YouTube with Coast 2 Coast. The NNA also offers training on Immigration forms completion.

Unless one is a lawyer or an accredited representative working for a Department of Justice (DOJ) recognized organization can give advice about how to complete the forms. Others can only read the forms to the person who is named in the form, and write down their answers. I just don’t believe there’s a bunch of people who need to fill out these forms and understand the forms well enough to give appropriate answers, but aren’t able to write the answers down themselves. I just don’t believe it’s possible to play by the rules and also get a worth-while number of gigs.

Yes, I was asking where you got the field inspector certification. I am currently a signing agent in Pinal county. Thank u for responding! KK

There is a company here that uses Notaries to help clients complete the form… not advise just filling out the information on the form. As an Arizona Notary, you can help individuals complete commonly used immigration forms and assemble a submission package according to USCIS requirements. I don’t know if I will I just wanted to know if other notaries are doing this and see if the cost and time spent on training is worth the ROI.

Property Inspector Course - Mortgage Field Services

You don’t need to be certified to do field inspections but I must tell you that I am happy I took the course. After I completed it I signed on with a company called WeGo Look. They have a mobile app that notifies you about inspection opportunities within 75 miles of where you are located. Since the day that I signed on with them, I have done daily inspections sometimes 3 in one day. the price can range from $20 to $72 for inspections. I do vehicle damage inspections which take 15 min to do and I have been able to squeeze them in between a few signings. For days that I don’t have any signings scheduled I sometimes book 4 to 5 in one day.
On-demand workforce solutions for the enterprise | WeGoLook

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