Independent Contractor Agreements

Just spotted this in a facebook group. Thats why it is important to read the contracts before signing.


This has become common place lately. Incompetent notaries that get their feelings hurt or their fees reduced post bad reviews of companies when it was their poor work ethic or lack of experience that caused the problem in the first place.


A hiring company who requires its independent contractor to agree to NOT publicly libel/defame them? Doesn’t seem terribly unreasonable. But “criticizing” a company (1st amendment right) is quite different from libeling it. Google and Yelp aren’t capitalized, so this tells me it is a very small quasi unprofessional company with no regard to proofing. YES, YES, YES 100% AGREE – READ BEFORE SIGNING!

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I wouldn’t sign this. My business plan is to work for a company that doesn’t threaten me before I’ve even worked for them. I do rely on forums to research the reputation of a new to me company regarding their payment reputation or ease of communication during the process of the contract, and I greatly appreciate all the notaries that have added their opinion of that company in the past.