Infinite Law Group Debt Negotiation Program


I really like this forum and appreciate the honest feedback and advice provided here. I need help with this one…Has anyone heard of “Infinite Law Group Debt Negotiation Program” I received an assignment for a debt settlement signing. I’m concerned because the documents include a long “script” which Im not comfortable presenting. Please advise if you have experience with this type of signing :face_with_raised_eyebrow: :confused:g. Thank you!

Search here for “debt settlement” (magnifying glass top right ). Been discussed many times. Many of us won’t do them as in many ways they are illegal in some states. This particular group may have been discussed here. You can also search the firm name too.

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I’ve been doing debt settlements since 2009. I’ve never had a problem doing them. I always counter offer for more I don’t take them for less than 150.
I do go through the entire program of reading the script.