Inflation / Recession

Any ideas to make money outside of loan signings or is anyone working on any projects outside of notary work in general to combat the current economy ? please reply or send private message. Cheers- Juan

Juan, I’m not an economic prophet, what I determined at the beginning of the Refi trip into space was it wouldn’t last forever. In 2020 I decided to start a second business handling personal, small and micro businesses, and Real Estate investor taxes.

I would encourage staying away from anything related to Real Estate such as Home Inspections. Find something that’s less sensitive to economic gyrations.

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How about training for legal document prep if your state allows? Just a thought


In many states you have to be a Para-Legal to do legal document preparation. Not a bad choice as PL seem to have a steady demand for services.

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It’s illegal in FL for paralegals to work independently - they must work under the direct supervision of an attorney. Doc preparers, on the other hand, can set up shop with no problem - they don’t give advice - they just complete forms according to requestors’ instructions and MUST have direct communication with them.


To be a Legal Document Assitant in California, you have to have the training to be a paralegal, (which makes you a paralegal).

You take your paralegal certificate (that you got from certain schools that meet the criteria) to the County Clerk and they will register you as a Legal Document Assitant. It costs some money and takes dedication to get a paralegal certificate and that will keep the average Joe or Jane from flooding the industry on a whim. That is a good thing.

There are people who work as Legal Document Assistants and also work as paralegals for attorneys on an independent contract basis.