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Hi friends. Just getting started with this business. Wondering if anyone here can help with a few questions. So I’m in MD, and I already got E&O insurance, commission, and NNA certified (passed the test). I’ve been hearing different things from other MD Notaries about what else is required in my state. Some say I need TIP license, some say TIPIC. Some say fidelity bond, some say surety bond, and still others say both or neither! My buddy here has been doing loan signings for almost a year and doesn’t have TIP or bonds.

Help please?

Hi James, Welcome to the fray. If you are getting conflicting information from local notaries, you can ask your state commission or the National Notary Association, if you are a member. Sometimes when I can’t reach anyone for advice during a signing (the booking agency, title or the loan officer) I will call the NNA for help.

Best of luck!

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In MD, you have to be a TIPIC in order to do loan closings. If your friend has been doing them for over a year without a TIPIC license, they are a fraud and a shame on this business, not to mention operating illegally. The MD Insurance Administration manages the licensing and renewal. Please reach out to them for a list of acceptable schools for the TIPIC class.

Hi Joyce,

Thank you for your reply! I have signed up with The Training Exchange and am going through the course now. :slight_smile:

I really appreciate everyone’s help!

James T.

I just passed my exam and applied as a TIPIC. I filled out the “waiver” but do I need to still shop around for a surety bond?

Greetins all,
FYI, In the state of MD you do not have to obtain a Fidelity or a Surety Bond as a TIPIC. However, it is your responsibility that you as for their bond policy information and make sure their policy covers you. It is the TIP responsibility to get the bond to cover the TIPIC’s they hire. I believe it’s just an endorsement on their policy (extra insurance) but don’t quote me on that peace. Anyway, whoever you work as a TIPIC you are supposed to be covered. If you want to just work and have your own Bonding it won’t hurt anything but your bottom line. All the TIP’s are aware of this process so do feel like your burdening them by being covered by them. It’s normal business. Here is a link for Maryland Insurance Admin. This will take you straight to where you need to be. Click each question and read in its entirety. The best way to learn is to get your information straight from the source. Research and Study. AMEN
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Forgive all the “TYPOGRAPHICAL ERRORS” pun intended.

Thank you so much! Appreciate the feedback