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Has anyone heard of the “The closing Exchange”" aka CXCHOICE
Thank You

The Closing Exchange is a signing company that is rebranding itself as CXCHOICE. Every notary that was on the original site, including myself, has been given the option to move to the CX platform which I did. The original TCE is a good company and I enjoy getting work from them so it was an easy decision.

The new CX claims to be taking on new clients and with it’s new platform hopes to be a bigger player. Time will tell.

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Is a re-brand of Notary Direct. Notary Direct was not a good company. Pay low fees, rude to Notaries very demanding an harass Notaries to much during the signing.process.

Great company to work for haven’t had any problems.

Very low fees. Setting up as competition to Snapdocs with their CX platform. Little late to that game, IMO. And, yes, they do micromanage, which is irritating.

They used to be a great paying company when the were Notary DIrect, now their just LOW BALLERS.
They do care about us making a living wage. They will get what their paying for.

So move on…

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If you go to FB, there are many, many comments on this particular company.

In the first place, you need good training. With that in your pocket, the place you get your training from is often the reason why companies contact you. So learn from a reputable place that backs-up what they teach, learn your state specific laws for GNW, learn from a mentor (if you have one), and practice your paperwork, understand there will be different variations of the forms from different title companies.

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They are definitely lowballers on their ridiculous app that you can’t negotiate on. If they CALL you then you can negotiate and get a fair rate.

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its a mixed bag as you can hear. I do work for them and they can pay what you negotitate. I do tons of Reverse Mortgages for them here in the Seattle area. Its worth a shot Id say.

Unfortunately they waste your time and blowing up your email account by sending low ball offers and then up it by 10 over and over and what’s worse I received one this morning to go 142 miles FOR $60!!! Ya right… There’s no way to put your fee and area served on their app. I have to delete at least 20+ a day. Why can’t they help us with this? Its not fun.

How do you receive payment? Do you send an invoice??

Did you need to invoice them after each signing?