Ink color on documents

What color of ink do most signers use when notarizing? I was at a signing the other day and I had a lady insist on using her blue pen to sign her name. I notarized in black ink not thinking. I am new to the business and wonder if I made a huge mistake. I have searched high and low about this and its nowhere to be found. Is it taboo?
I guess the title company was ok with its because I never heard anything back.

You should be fine. The signing, title and mortgage companies want either black or blue but it’s always best to ask which they prefer. If you are told either make sure the entire document is in the same color. Your stamp should be in black regardless. Hope this helps


I use blue as default, because most companies ask for it specifically, because black can look like a copy. Have a couple that due request black specifically. Some don’t care either way.

The color of your notary stamp is state regulated so be sure to check your state’s requirements.

The first things to check are the notary requirements for your state. There is often a requirement on the color of your seal. It’s rare, but there might be a requirement on the color of your seal. The next thing to check is any color requirement from the offices in your state where the deed and/or mortgage are recorded. Also be aware that the property might be in another state. In that case, first follow any requirements in your state’s notary laws and rules, and then any request made by the title company or lender.

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I also default to blue because copy machines in offices are typically black and white and they can tell the difference between the original and the copy. In the old days it was always black and now it’s typically blue but the “Lenders Instructions” will either tell you to use black or blue or they won’t say anything about pen color. Just never let them sign in any other color, like green, lol.

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The signing company usually gives you instructions as to what color of Ink the bank/lender prefers. Always check with
the signing company that gave you the order. Hope this helps.

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I used black ink for years just because I prefer it. When I became a notary signing agent, I would occasionally get a request for blue. One time, the agent told me, “Texas always uses blue.” Another time, an agent told me, “Black is for Texas.” Well, I may have been a notary longer than either of them was born, and I never heard of a preference except in certain professions. It varies. There is one financial location where I am sent that wants blue. I keep two pouches in my bag, one for blue pens and the other for black.

I hate to say it but…here goes

How the documents are signed, including ink color, is lender specific - it’s up to them. Some lenders want black, some want blue, some don’t care…

How the notary certs are completed is state-specific - whether or not your SOS regulates that is something to check with them about.

Also, the color of ink on both the docs and the cert could be specific to the state as far as recording is concerned. Some States/counties require black, some blue, some don’t care as long as it’s not pink or light-glo green for the docs,

I usually default to blue for ease of telling originals from photocopies; when in doubt, ask title regarding the docs, ask SOS regarding your certs.

Hope this helps.