Inspire closing services no pay!

Hi Frank,

Sorry I’m just getting back to you. Do you have the two order numbers? I would like to look into what happened on our end.

Thank you.


I just wanted to follow up again. Do you have the two order numbers so I can research?

Thank you.

I have one of them–1010766. When one arrives at a signing and the borrower tells you they had already told the lender they wouldn’t sign, “maybe a week ago,” but the message somehow didn’t get to the notary, that’s pretty bad. I submitted for a print and trip fee on it, haven’t been paid for it.

Okay, let me look into it and get back to you.

Thank you. I submitted an invoice at the end of June. My mistake–two orders had the wrong order numbers on them. A payment was issued last cycle, did not include those two orders, nor the trip fee, nor a fourth order that was also left unpaid, for no reason I know of. I re-submitted an invoice end of last week, correcting the two orders I made the errors on, plus the trip fee, plus the fourth unpaid order. I asked accounting to at least acknowledge the receipt of my corrected invoice. Nada, nothing. That is the most frustrating thing–the complete lack of communication. It’s always been a problem with accounting.

1010766 - Our team just told me they paid you $50 and sent you a confirmation a few minutes ago.

I am still arguing with your whole vendor payment department over being paid.

No response to emails, do not answer phone calls.

I have even asked to be removed from further signings due to non payment.

I wish that us notaries, as least got some sort of value to your organization. Otherwise, you wouldn’t have people to close your loans for your companies.

Send your Vendor ID to me at

Also, forward me the emails where you haven’t received a response. And who have you been “arguing” with, specifically.

Thank you.

I recently did a signing through snapdocs for Superior Notary Services and the title company is Uptown Escrow Services, the contact is Crystal Upton (760-396-8333). I spent about an hour on 30 pages, not all of them needed to be notarized, but point is, I took my time. I can easily get through a full 200 page refi in that time. The escrow company says the signer says I rushed him and was unprofessional and that they are unwilling to pay me, yet they used the documents that I printed, took over there and got signed and notarized to close their deal. Crystal threatened to report me for harassing her since I had sent her some messages to either get paid or have the documents returned to me so I could shred them. Can you help with this or point me in the right direction. The pay wasn’t even much, just $100, but I’m tired of getting stiffed by these companies.

Speechless, I am so sad to hear that notaries are not getting paid by this company:(. This company is not very inspiring at all :confused:

I thank God that I have never been stiffed not even once.

Its useless. No one at Inspire responds to emails or voicemails. Very unprofessional! They owe me money too

Have you sent them an invoice?


I did a job for inspire in October, and have not received payment. Can you help me with this?

Hello, did you invoice them? You can do that online.

Hi, Did you get help with your issue with Inspire Closing Services. If not, please let me know. I will be happy to get you some help. Thank you.

If you ever need anything having to do with Inspire Closing Services, email me at I will either help you or get you in touch with someone who can. Our management team realizes our signing agents are vital to our success, so would also be interested in hearing what number you’re calling. Our main number is 877-901-1629, and our answer rate on that line is 99%+. I’m in charge of the team that answers that phone line, so would like to hear who is not responding to you. Thank you!


Thanks for the number, I was able to get in touch with them today.


Glad to hear that! Sorry for the delayed response. I usually receive an email when someone posts in this forum, but didn’t receive one this time.


I wanted to share a success story in contacting Inspire Closings in regards to unpaid invoices. As I reviewed my activities and vendor payments, I realized that I had NOT been paid for any of the Inspire Closings performed. Disclaimer: I DID NOT SUBMIT THE INVOICES.
By a reminder, I recalled that they do not send automatic payments as most. You must submit an invoice. My fault. I immediately attempted to submit and was not successful and I started to panic. I came to the forum and was able to find a chat regarding the same. I reached out to NC support and was immediately put in contact with the VP of Client Relations and Scheduling Divisions. In less that 24hrs, a representative from Inspire called me (Frank Carter) and walked me through submitting the invoices! Exemplary service!!!


I love working with Inspire Closings and Mortgage Connect LP. As long as I submit my invoices I always get paid in a timely manner (within 1-2 weeks). Looking for to more business from them!