Inspire closing services no pay!

Well heck. Another company that will not answer email regarding payment on 3 jobs. I actually turned down a job and explained to the scheduler that not only are there redundant docs but I don’t get paid! She said she was sorry. I had to mention to her that it wasn’t her fault. I also commented on the fact that if we don’t take the jobs, she is also losing money. I loved the happy face she sent me.

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Hello skenton,

I’m with Inspire Closing Services. I can help you get paid. Can you give me your name and number so I can have someone reach out to you? Thank you.


Their invoicing on the website rarely works. They also are late to get docs to me and today after holding on for 10 minutes they tell me it’s canceled. This isn’t the first time they cancel and don’t bother to tell the Notary. I called the Borrower and they didn’t know either. I did voice my complaint to Vendor management. I turned down several to schedule theirs but next time I will take a reliable closing and cancel them. :weary: frustrating!

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They paid the invoice after this post. I am submitting another today 3/5/2021 for a job just finished. It is just sad we have to fight so hard to get paid after providing the work to the company. I could see it if we didn’t live up to our end of the verbal contract. That is not the case. Then to think I felt compelled to tell the scheduler I wouldn’t take the last job because of no payment? It’s just not right.

But, lets start off fresh for this Month and the rest of the year if you need to schedule me. I am submitting today’s work/invoice right now. Have a great weekend.

Hi Linda,
I’m sorry to hear of the issues you are having. I am a VP over the Client Advocacy Division at Inspire Closing Services, and I work closely with the Vendor Management Division. We should always inform you when a closing appointment is canceled. We try to get closing documents posted for our agents as far in advance of the closing as possible, but of course, we are dependent upon the lender to get the closing package to us in a timely manner as well. I can assure you that as a company, we care about your concerns and the concerns of our entire Signing Agent network. All of you are an extremely critical component to our success! If you want me to have one of the managers in our Vendor Management Division reach out to you, please let me know. Thank you.

I’ve been closing for Inspire and Mortgage Connect for a few years now. You’ve never been perfect, but then who is. Have I had frustrations with getting paid from time to time? Yes, but it’s always worked out somehow.

I’m on tap for 17 closings for you folks this month, and I’m grateful for the work.

Thank you, Frank, appreciate your comments!! If you ever have any issues with Inspire Closing Services or Mortgage Connect, hit me up here and I will be happy to have your concerns addressed!

I do a lot of signings especially VA loans from Inspire & they are my number Vendor that I’ve worked with this quarter. I get paid weekly which I can’t say about any other SS so far. So far I have had 3 non-processed payment which has been unusual & I hope they take care of it soon. I give INSPIRE CLOSING​:+1:t5::+1:t5::grinning::raised_hands:t5:

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I’m an active SA with Inspire. Can you help me with a few nonpayment signings please? Thank you so much!

@asaylor How can I sign up on the website as a SA?



that’s why i started my own company with a team of other notaries!

Hello, I would be happy to help. Send me the order #'s and your vendor #., please.

Hi Dele! Email with “New Notary” in the subject line. Tell them you are interested in joining the Mortgage Connect and Inspire Closing Services signing agent network. Let me know if you don’t hear back from anyone within 48 hours, and I will follow up for you if needed. Thank you.

Thanks, i just sent the email

No problem! Appreciate your interest!

Thank you so much.

  1. 899556-2 I did 90% of the signing but his title was incorrect. I spoke to the closing representative & she stated she noted to pay me the full fee. It was 1.5 hours of my time. 2. 858969-2 I was in route to the signer’s home when he texted me saying something came up & he couldn’t sign. I informed Inspire & they agreed to pay the print & travel fee. I put both of these on the manual timesheet & turned it in & I’ve heard nothing back. 3. MC 1418090-2 I completed this on 3/12 but says in the system as of today still processing. Thank you!

Good day, I have not heard back from the Mortgage Connect and Inspire Closing Services, Could you please help reach out to them. Thank You.

I sure can. What is your email address so I can have a manager find your email?

Thank you

Thank you, I’m following up with our Vendor Management Division.

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