Inspire closing services no pay!

Thank you for your help.

Thanks for your help in reaching out to them. i finally heard back from them i was informed that I do not have Experience. Just curious what would your recommendations be? Thank you!

Hi There! You’re welcome! So you got the help you needed?

They take care of the problems. I also had some trouble a few Months ago and it was fixed so fast. The deposits hit my direct account just like they promise

How is the fees structure for Refinance/Heloc signings with Inspire ? any input helps, how their pay rates are.

Thank you in advance.

please call me, I have dozens upon dozens of unpaid invoices.

we get 100 but we are considered ‘white glove’ (experienced.) helocs 90 -

Can you email me your phone number and vendor i.d. to

Thank you!

Inspire worked hard for me and it turned out to be, according to them, my error. They fixed everything. I do not think I made an error but they are certain, so I offered my apology and gratitude. So yes, keep trying with Inspire - they should be able to help. IMPORTANT: The billing portal does not work. Send a spreadsheet. CC yourself when you do.

There is something that you may want to take a look at. Up until recently, at least for me in Arizona, scheduling staff from both Inspire and Mortgage Connect would reach out with new order offers by phone, one notary at a time, until they filled the order. But the past couple months there’s this text message/email cattle call. Blasts go out to who knows how many notaries, price is set already, sometimes lower than what we’ve pre-agreed upon as a minimum. Almost 100%, even if I get after the message in a FLASH and accept it, it’s already assigned to another notary. Gotten to the point that I ask myself why I even bother wasting my time.

Honestly, after working for you folks for 4-5 years, error-free, one would think loyalty to the notaries is more important than some automated system that really doesn’t do any better of a job for Inspire and Mortgage Connect, but might cost a wee bit less in salaries to pay schedulers. Not all jobs go out this way, and they seem to be more frequent with Mortgage Connect. I’d like to pick up more work from them, but this blast system isn’t the way to do it.

Your thoughts?

This happened to me with Timios, Inc. :roll_eyes: After couple of years, they sent the e-mails as cattle calls and lord knows how many notaries were competing!! Low-balled all signings at $90, no matter 180+ pages (print 2), no matter how far away. Sometimes able to negotiate over 30 miles up to $110; but I said same thing, felt really frustrated to only getting maybe 1 per week out of 50 “notifications”. I agree, so frustrating…


How do I sign up with Inspire? Also do you have work in NYC?

Thank you


Timios? After being ASKED to join their network, I went through all the motions, jumped through the hoops, submitted everything they asked for–and never heard another word from them.

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What was your error???

Hi Tajuana!

Sorry for the delayed response, I was out on PTO on Friday and have been catching up all day. You can email and put “New Notary” in the subject line, or you can call 866-789-1814 and ask to speak to Vendor Recruiting. Getting approved would make you eligible to receive Mortgage Connect and Inspire Closing Services orders. At Inspire, we are currently not doing any New York work, but that may change soon. I know that Mortgage Connect is doing business in New York. Let me know if you need anything. Thank you for your interest!

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Hi FBagnato123,
Just to confirm, we are not Timios.

Thankfully not. Inspire feeds me enough work each month such that if it were gone, I’d feel it in my pocket–and I’m grateful for every order.

That’s awesome to hear, thank you! It’s quite a challenge to manage a nationwide network of agents, and there are bound to be issues, so I just hope we get a chance to address concerns before we get bashed in an online forum. We do have a great Vendor Management Team! That’s not me, by the way, I’m in Operations, but I like to let them know when I see a notary concern online. Have a great night!

I have payment issues that go back to Now. 2020, I have sent numerous Invoices, lots of excuses received from Mortgage connecct and Inspire, says that they paid me, but do not receive a list of the signings that you claim direct deposit made for them, I cannot find these deposits made to my account, I was told that I would receive that list and that has never happened. I guess my next step is to hire an attorney to file in small claims court.

David Cox
Amarillo, Tx