Inspire Closings - Recent Experiences

I have researched the forum on IC experiences but I’m looking for recent experiences. I have sent them invoices for Nov 12, and Nov 13 signings. Their web site is messed up won’t let me upload .csv files or enter manually as it will not validate the order numbers.

Has anyone experienced issues with receiving payment. I have been hounding their accounting department to no avail. I have more bookings with them but I’m concerned.

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Hello, I have not done business with this SS. Moat companies pay out in about 30 days. Check the contract to see when that is.
As far as their website, I dont lnow what you can do about that. Is there a number you can call? If ypu are not sure about this SS, maybe you should just cancel the other orders.

I’m Inspires top notary in Orange County, Ca.
Contact: Dianne Himes (She will take of you)
Vendor Management Coordinator
Mortgage Connect
260 Airside Drive
Moon Township, PA 15108
Phone: (855) 856-3837
Auto Attendant: (855) 595-3563 x34688
Fax: (866) 789-1845


and how do find out or know if you’re a top Notary. They don’t have ratings listed anywhere as far as I know. I was told they would give me what I requested for a particular closing because of my rating but that is it. I can not see it.

Call Vendor Services. I have worked for them for a very long time and had no issues. You do have to wait 48 hrs after the closing to submit. I think that is fair because they have not even logged the package arrived in most cases.

I have worked for them over 6 years and have not had a problem with the pay or logging in invoices. If you do just sent a note to accounting and they get right on Inspire closings are good.

I started with IC in October 2020 and my experience has been good…so far. The invoicing system is a little confusing so I called the help number and I was able to submit my invoices. The system will tell you if your upload was accepted and successful. It will also tell you when the checks will be mailed out.
I usually wait until the close of the month to submit my invoices.

IC and MC invoicing was okay in the past- I make sure i manually input invoice online. But I’ve had more issues with payments the last 7 mos or so. Especially with print/trip fees. I have 4 invoices I’ve been trying to get paid. Of the 10 or so emails about various orders since Nov- only 1 person responded to the email and she was not able to help directly with the invoice- only able to forward my request. I was also told they’ve been super busy. Yet- they expect the notaries to be on point. This has been frustrating.

Could you please tell me how to sign up with Inspire Closings? I’ve been to their website, but I didn’t see anywhere I could sign up or put in my information. Thanks for any help or direction you can provide. Suie

Sure- I applied with Mortage Connect. Once my profile was completed I was automatically signed up with Inspire.

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Could you please tell me how you signed up with Mortgage Connect? I couldn’t find the sign up on their website either. (Feeling rather stupid…) Thank you.

Hi there! I just wanted to follow up and see if you were able to get signed up with Mortgage Connect and Inspire Closing Services? If not, send an email to with “New Notary” in the subject line. If you don’t hear back from anyone within a couple of days, let me know here in the forum and I will make sure you are contacted. Thank you!

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Hello I’m just jumping in here. I hope this is in the right place I don’t know. But I’m currently having issues with getting paid from Mortgage Connect on a job that closed successfully back in January. Also closing that have been canceled in the middle of signing at the table due to errors from the Lender. I can’t seem to get payment for them and I have invoiced them several times. Any advice ??

Did you ask for Vendor Services? You can talk to someone there most times. I just had one where it closed one time with a different notary, then I closed it again. Then they noticed that they had not sent the CD to the wife so they asked me to sign again. I had to push to get paid for that one. All 3 closings were lender error. I finally was paid. Had to get on a lot of people. you can also email Send a manual invoice and a message explaining. I just had another lender error and it did not close. FYI they will only pay a small fee if your not with the borrower at a least 1/2 hr. That is new. I was always paid 1/2 regardless if I traveled but they cut that back to $35.00 if your not with them at least 1/2 hour. I am positive I will have to push to be paid on that one too. To beat it all, the signer needed a Spanish speaking closer. I refused to go there again., You cannot notarize if they don’t understand what your saying.

Lori, sorry I didn’t see your post until now. Email me at and provide me your Vendor ID and the best contact number for you, and I will have someone in Vendor Management give you a call if this is not resolved for you yet. Thank you.