Inspire Closings

Am I the only one that goes into the bottomless pit of unanswered phone calls, trying to reach Freedom Mortgage Team through Inspire??

And I would also like to know who Denise Kruzmanowski is because it says to email her with any questions @ DKRUZMANOWSKI@INSPIRECLOSINGS.COM

Each time I get a response from the that it is undeliverable.

Ridiculously Frustrated & Waiting on Docs

Don’t work for them under any circumstance. They are the BOTTOM of the barrel. I would not do a closing for them unless they paid me $500 for it in advance.

Currently still waiting on payment (30 days past due). Every time I call account services I receive a voice mail machine that no one monitors. The phone reps try to take you in circles by asking if you elected direct deposit? When I told them yes, they stated the checks were mailed out.

Odd them and Mortgage Connect pay me well and on time. Only thing I can’t stand is the 5 million fax backs, then call before drop can be annoying. If a company hires me. Have the confidence my 23 years of industry experience I know what I am doing. Don’t need baby sitting.

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