Investor- How much should I charge?

I got a call from an investor that has a seller here in my city. He called and asked if I could notarize some documents for him. Normally its the title office that calls, however he contacted me and requested that I contact the title office (gave the info of the individual I needed to speak too.) She asked me to send her an email with my fee… How much do I charge for 5 sheets… she sent the docs and that’s all it is. The drive is 35 min each way and I would need to drop them at fedex. I don’t want to under charge but not over charge either.

Well, just consider your 70 minutes drive to/from FedEx, fair would be for your time driving. I got paid for something similar $100, the pages, from 8 went to 21, with only one notarization.
I would say $100.

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Today I drove 80 mins there and back to the title office. I charged $175, I feel like it may be too much, but I think it is fair. It is my first appt. Good luck to you!!!


NOT too much…your time is money and you have to figure sitting in your car is time working.

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Hello sustainabledatamanagement.

You did well/correct. A repeat customer is much different than a one-off customer.

In 1 hour of drive time, could you have complete a loan closing? If yes, that would be your minimum fee. It is not the number of pages that matter but the amount of time.

I find it interesting the number of companies that will call and say it is just 5 pages or just 5 miles from you and expect a low fee. However, these same companies don’t say it is 200 pages or 50 miles form you and offer a higher fee.

Always ask questions to get the details before saying yes or no to the assignment.

In your situation, if the fee were to high the customer would have said NO. Then you could ask what fee (s)he was thinking of and accept or negotiate until both of you said ‘yes that works for me.’