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Hi, I am new to the notary world. I have a question about computers/mobile devices and printers. I am about to become a notary/NSA and am trying to figure out what equipment I need to purchase.
I have been running a complex sales business for several years with just an iPad. I have the latest iPad Pro 11. But I have never needed (until now) to be able to print massive amounts of docs with various page sizes as I will need to do as an NSA.

Is there any other souls out there who are running a notary NSA business on in iPad Pro? If so, which Dual Tray Laser Printer have you had success with? What work around tips can you share with me?

As long as the printer you choose is Airprint compatible, printing from iPad should work.

Like you, I use an iPad Pro (I prefer it). It works fine with my printer: A Brother MFC-L8900CDW (Multifunction printer). Ability to print from iPad is fine. I am new to this and haven’t completely mastered how to get the printer to print a document with both legal and letter docs without screwing it up. This printer has the ability to add another tray. I’m using it with one tray plus the ADF tray (I’m not sure if this makes it a true dual tray printer.)

One experience showed me it was easier to separate the legal size pages from the letter sized on the iPad pro—no option like that was shown on my laptop.

That said, I often use the laptop (a MacBook Pro) to see which pages are legal size if it’s not broken down.

I take my iPad Pro with me on assignments. On my first assignment, which was attempted outdoors, a breeze came and blew my documents in multiple directions. With the iPad in my messenger bag, I was able to open up the source document and that helped a lot to put everything bag in order—and an iPad Pro is much easier to carry than a laptop.

I’m using the first generation of the oversized iPad Pro. The newest version might offer more functionality. iPads have some limits always that means sometimes you have to use a computer. The most recent iPad Pro is supposed improve on that issue.

I chose a multifunction printer in case scan-backs were required. I also chose to get a color printer because I didn’t want to waste space on having two printers. The brother smart printers know exactly how much toner is left—and will stop when any one of the color cartridges runs out, and shaking the toner cartridge will not trick the system. Overriding the system is not easy.

This printer offers the ability to scan documents directly to DropBox, Evernote, for example, and I chose one that has double sided scanning (which I haven’t needed so far).

Hope this helps!


Thanks Tracy. Like you, I LOVE working on an iPad and have done so for years. (The only thing I have only occasionally missed was not having a USB port and some ‘fill in the blank’ forms platforms don’t jive. I am hoping to not have to invest in a lap top to start my Notary business.
I will check out that printer you suggested.
Kindly, Monica Gear

My goodness! Dual tray laser printers are hard to come by these days. Spent hours on-line chatting with tech and searching. I ended up ordering a HP 404DW from Staples for $349.99 and then the extra paper tray HP D9P29A from Walmart for $169.99. This was the best deal I could put together for availability. Both components should be delivered by next weekend. Wish me luck!
PS: (I already have a stand alone scanner…Brother ADS1700w)

This is the printer I own! it is great and fast. It handles everything you throw at it.

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Hi Tracy - so this is what I have learned…after purchasing an HP dual tray printer that is wireless compatible to work with my iPadPro. Everything connected beautifully, set up was a breeze, BUT the “HPSmart” app for printing does not have a sophisticated enough drop down menu. I can not select from the options needed to direct the printer to Collate, Choose paper source by PDF page size, Fit nor Orientation. Therefore I can not print continuously maintaining stacking order the various page sizes with a PDF all at once.

  • I will either need to break down and buy a laptop or use the PDF Page sorter on NotaryRotary website.
  • any ideas I haven’t explored yet?