I recently learned that I can utilize a RON service (Signix definitely, possibly Notarize) to provide IPEN for GNW clients.

Why is this valuable?

For one: If you offer RON for GNW, you have likely learned that there is an unhappily high percentage of people who cannot pass KBA or simply lack equipment capable of a session. With IPEN, those clients near enough to reach can be saved by arranging to meet them. Switching from RON to IPEN can be as simple as turning off the KBA requirement for the signing session, as you will be verifying ID in the traditional manner.

I am rumbling IPEN around in my mind, looking for other ways to use it to enhance my business.

Any one else doing the same?

More power to you for trying to maximize your investment (in what I consider to be a not-quite-ready-for-prime-time technology. I will not go into a rant, but just think that KBA totally sucks.)

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I venture to say KBA sucks for people who are tech savvy. And KBA is a complete nightmare for the folks who barely know how to turn on the computer and check their email, which is A LOT OF PEOPLE.

@judikidd Yes. I like the idea of IPEN for GNW. Especially if you have multiple signers who are not tech savvy. I just got certified on SIGNiX. Which RON platform do you prefer for GNW?

Hi, Carmen, sorry for the delayed response!

I am on Notarize right now.

I’ve done some back and forth with Signix, but frankly with signing volumes as low as they are right now? Probably not. That chunk for start up would take too long to recover.

Short run it’s easier on my bank account just to pay the per transaction fees at Notarize.

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