IPEN signings in CALIF?

Anyone know if Calif is going to start these signings? In-Person Electronic Notary (IPEN) was the first step in electronic notarization, with many states enacting eNotary legislation allowing for in-person electronic notarization. The steps are generally the same for both traditional notarization and IPEN: the signer appears in person before the notary public, the notary public identifies the signer, witnesses the signature, signs and affixes the notarial seal/stamp to the document as a notary public, and completes the notarial journal.

The only difference between traditional and electronic notarization is that technology is used to perform some of the requirements of the notarial act. In a traditional notarization, a pen and rubber stamp are the tools used. For IPEN, the notary uses a computer / tablet and electronic signature technology to perform the signature of the notarial act. Also, with IPEN, the notary public applies a digital stamp or seal and keeps an electronic journal of each act performed for a period of five to seven years (based on each state’s jurisdictional requirements).

(CA) I want to move to IPEN. So much cleaner and neater and probably faster. I’m sure signers will prefer it to the traditional methods most notaries use.

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CA already allows e-notarization, don’t they? is iPEN different than e-notarization?