IPEN Signings

I’d love to know if anyone is doing IPEN signings. I just registered for my digital certificate in Virginia.
Is there any work out there?

have done several from amrock. no printing. all is on computer.

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Are you at liberty to disclose Amrock’s fee?
Any other details can you share please. Thank you

Morning, I’m glad you asked this question. I was wondering the same thing. I’ve been approved for Escrow Tab (IPEN), but I’m not yet convinced its worth the monthly payment. Thanks-Missy

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Unless you are subscribing to independently use a platform for RON or IPEN signings (like SignIX), you should not be paying a subscription service as a second party assignment. A signing service or title company should be paying you as their representative signer. You are right to be concerned.


Thank you. I was thinking that’s another monthly payment and then I have to find title companies who work with Escrow Tab-with no guarantee I would receive work. Thanks again for your response-Missy

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What monthly payment? To whom?

Escrow Tab-and the monthly payment is 69.00 for the software and tablet, I believe. Or if you have a Microsoft Surface tablet its less, and I do not have a Microsoft Surface tablet. To me, I live in a very insular area, and it’s been tough breaking down those barriers, personally and professionally. So, the added expense for me needs to outweigh the cost of Escrow Tab (the product is fantastic).

amrock fee for my area is $65. If i try to counter i never get the job. however, there is no printing, scanbacks etc. just your time and travel. sometimes hard to swallow now with the price of fuel as it is.

I cannot get an answer from EscrowTab as to which title companies are even using their product. I feel that I may have wasted a huge load of money.

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It depends on what your rate is. They do not allow counter offers. The system will let you know if your fee is too high for that area though before you save your numbers under your profile