Is anyone a Pro member of NotaryCafe? Is it worthwhile?

I recently joined NotaryCafe with a free membership. Has any joined the pro ($5/month) membership, and if you have, have you obtained jobs/leads from that membership?

Yes and yes. It’s cheaper if you pay annually and cheaper still when they offer ‘early renewal’…just saying…

Just don’t think that joining (any directory) is going to bring you a huge amount of business in this rotten downturn. Signings are few and far between–even worse than the 2008 mess.

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I am a pro-member and no I’m not receiving any business at this time. Business is going to be minimal for quite some time unfortunately.

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@gary4 Excellent query! :crown::sweat_drops::owl:

I’ve been a Notary Café Professional Member from the onset of my services within this Business Sector. I value my membership here for a variety of reasons. Regularly, clients new to me say they found me on Notary Café, which as a business owner is very helpful information to gather from new clients.

Although, it’s important to keep in mind that most clients don’t lead their conversation with how they located you as that’s not germane to the objective of their call.

So, in order to know where your business leads are originating from, the onus is upon you to include in your questions to new clients: “Oh, how did you locate/find my services please?”

This will help you know where your marketing budget is supporting your business and where it is lackluster . . .

NOTE: Considering the current conditions with the business sector of Professional Signing Agents [PSAs], the Real Estate market, the interest rates, etc. there has been a DRAMATIC downturn in the volume of available signing opportunities. As such, as a business owner you’ll need to work more diligently to remain financially solvent. Please reference this thread for specific helpful information:

Best wishes with your decision. :tulip::angel:

P.S. It’s very helpful (and you’ll access the answer to your query much quicker) for any question if you execute a Search on the Notary Café forum database of threads (upper right ribbon bar - nearly invisible Magnifying Glass => to the right of the SUPPORT tab). See image below.


You might get one job from here all year by being a “member.” That’ll cover your $5 investment, I suppose.