Is ESCROWTAB legitimate?

I have looked into this company. One the surface it appears to be really good for IPEN’s. Has anyone invested in this technology and their organization? I would like some feedback before I spend anymore money.

Have you had any luck with this? I was also looking into this since it’s time for electronics to go on sale so I can get a surfacepro. My direct clients here in PA haven’t seemed to jump onto the electronic closing bandwagon yet so I wanted to find somewhere that would assign ipen closings to me.

I know it’s an old topic, but have you found anything on this? I am also looking for companies that use EscrowTab. Looks like a fantastic idea, but I haven’t received any requests for it. The Title companies I work with want to use it as well, but have told me the lenders like the paper and that is what is holding it up. In order for the Title company to push this, they would have to risk the relationship with the lender that wants everything printed, and risking that source of income is dangerous.

I have EscrowTab. Unfortunately they only work with certain Title Companies and that’s it. They are not to be used for regular notary work and if you upload documents yourself, you will not be able to print them or use them at all afterwards.

It is a free thing, you do not have to buy a tablet from them if you already have one, however since not too many companies use them yet, my thought is no its not worth it.