Is it me or is it slow in NYC?

Is it me or is it slow in NYC? I’ve went from a full calendar to nothing at all lined up for a week. Is this normal or am I doing something wrong?

It’s slower than last year, but still, summer is the upswing in this business. Have you checked your state’s registry to see whether there has been an increase in the number of notary appointments? It could be that you simply have a lot more competition. In that case, you might want to call the companies you worked for last year and let them know you are looking for work, remind them that you have successfully closed offers for them in the past, and ask them to put you at the top of their call list for assignments. Try to talk to a scheduler or two, and note their names. Next time you call, ask for the same person. Don’t be afraid to call in early every morning! Let them know you are willing and eager to work, and make it easy for them to assign you.

Thanks for the response Judi.

I’ll try that.

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I don’t live in your area but I know it was terrribly slow in my area. Last month I had like 16 jobs and this month so far only 3. I can’t make a living on that for sure. That is another reason why the rates have to be high enough to make it worth our time. If you add up the time you spend printin and go ing over the documents pre appointment then the appointment driving time and checking signatures post appoiontment and shipping a notary really can’t work forless than $125 and that doesn’t include for faxing/scannng. for sure they are charging the borrower at least $ 299 for the closing.