Is it possible to carry your scanner, laptop, docs, & supplies in one thing/container?

Does anyone have any advice on how to carry a scanner, at least two sets of docs, and supplies like pens, notary stamp, etc…? Right now, I carry my scanner in a padded cooler (because I can’t seem to find a rolling cart) and I carry my notary bag/briefcase with everything else. Just wondering if anyone has been able to fit it all in one type of thing. I feel like a mule carrying everything into the signers house or business.
My scanner is the Epson 580w in case you wanted to know the size. It’s not too big and not too small.

When I was a banker I found this very useful

Vaultz Portable File Box with Handle - 15 x 14 x 17 Inch Letter/Legal Size Mobile Lock Box with Wheels for Filing & Storage - Double Combination Locking Cabinet - Tactical Black

Vaultz Portable File Box with Handle - 15 x 14 x 17 Inch Letter/Legal Size Mobile Lock Box with Wheels for Filing & Storage - Double Combination Locking Cabinet - Black

Thank you so much, I appreciate the links!

I have a Fujitsu ScanSnap iX100 portable scanner, which is around 1.5 inches square by 12 inches long. You have to feed the sheets in one at a time by hand, but it pulls them through the machine by itself once you get it started.

I can carry that, 2 sets of docs, my laptop, and various supplies in a backpack designed for laptops. Check the current reviews; mine is around 12 years old so I don’t know if they still make it, or if it’s still the best choice.

I’ve found carrying a portable office around rather impractical. Hauling in my office into someone’s home or business, unpacking, setting up, the reversing the process is too time consuming. Trying to post process from my vehicle didn’t work any better. After catching an attempted break in, I removed the equipment from my vehicle and move it back to the office.

I’ve completed several signings in sequence then head back to the office for scans and shipping to be more practical. While this works for me, your results may vary.



This is the amazon link to the rolling laptop bag I received 2 days ago.

This is the Amazon link to a roomy men’s rolling laptop briefcase.

Hope this helps.

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Not Bragging Here (ok yes I am). After almost 3 years my catalog case is reaching its usable end of life. I’m shopping for the next one. Thanks for the Amazon link.

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I use the legal sized NNA laptop bag. It carries one set of documents (legal or letter size), my laptop (Surface Pro 6), my Epson scanner and my stamp/pen pouch.

Go on Amazon and search for “litigation bag”. They usually have wheels and a handle like luggage. Plenty big enough for everything.

They now have an App for that. No scanner needed. I print all docs at home office.
My car is for driving, and prepping docs before a signing. Always arrive early.

Can you tell me what kind of scanner you have for at least 50 pages or more please that you use in your car? Thank you so much

I got a rolling backpack similar to this one -

MD- Carrying all that into someone’s home seems invasive. I would look at you sideways if you came to my home for a signing with all that. My home is not your office so bring the papers that I have to sign, get them signed and be on your way. That’s just me on the other side. My NSA side says that I’m not walking around with all that for a signing when I can complete more than one with getting in and getting out. I can scan and drop after - my business is not my signers’ business.

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I use an old 31 bag I purchased years ago but I’m a little cramped in it. I did see a neat video of a woman who uses a sewing machine bag on wheels. There are some stylish ones and has all sorts of pockets for storing things. Something like this one. Robot or human?

There’s three types of bags I have that work in this situation:

  1. Lawyer’s Brief - Has gusseted bottom, looks kind of like a coin purse. Three compartments… A little tight. I have an expensive Hartmann my wife bought for an anniversary.

  2. I have the Vaultz rolling file case, purchased from Staples for $80.

  3. Finally, a catalog/sample case ( is a very rectangular case, with or without wheels.

If I don’t know what’s going to happen, I use the lawyer’s brief or catalog case. If I have a lot of work (full day/multiple engagements), I’ll use the Vaultz for the room it provides


I would normally agree but Im in rural PA and its getting cold out. An actual FedEx customer to drop ar is few and far between. I just often times politely ask the signer if I may have an extra 5 minutes at the end to scan the documents to I can go straight to the shipper. I do tell them if they are crunched for time that i can scan in my car if need be. Nobody has minded yet and they actually all think my portable scanner is neat and appreciate the fact that I am taking the time to do it there and upload the docs right away rather than driving an hour back home to do so.

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I’m with you on that subject. To me, it’s more trouble than it’s worth to try to carry equipment on the road with me. I realize that there are limitations when you can’t print “last minute” docs on the fly or scan back immediately after a signing, but I haven’t found those restrictions to be a significant issue…especially not now, with limited volume.

I appreciate everyone’s input, advice, and personal opinions. I have a fully mobile office in my car and I can tell you that I get so much more business because of it. I often have to print from the road because of some last-minute changes or incorrect information on the documents. I can also scan from my car but I can tell you from experience that when I bring in the scanner with me and I scan right from the table everyone has always appreciated it. They think it’s the best thing because they know that their documents got sent straight to Title?. Also, my scanner emails directly from the scanner, I don’t need to bring in a laptop or anything else. And for me, thank God, Signings have not slowed down at all. So I use the equipment constantly.
For those of you that responded with suggestions on what I can use to transport the scanner professionally, I appreciate all of your advice and suggestions. Thank you so much for answering my question and giving me some advice.

That is very interesting… what is the scanner brand that you have… make and model. I have been contemplating getting one more for convenience than a need.

Epson ES-580W. I love that little scanner. It’s so quick too.