Is Live Notary or "Panda Doctor" good for RON?

I am a Notary Signing Agent who also has the ability to do RON. Because I was new to the game and stated my business when interest rates took a turn, I had to return to work full-time. But I’m interested in doing RON as supplemental income, but need advice on the best platforms, fees, etc. I haven’t even done one as of yet. Any assistance would be greatly appreciated! :blush:

@Windchime71 The Notary Cafe database (a GOLDMINE of helpful information) has a plethora of insightful threads about this topic. Have you searched there yet?

Access the Notary Cafe forums Search Function via the Magnifying Glass.

I’ve inserted an image for you [see below] to locate it to unlock the wisdom & knowledge of other members on the forums.


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I did. But it got a little confusing. I’ll just drive in and keep looking.

Also thank you! :blush: I truly appreciate you and your guidance.

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@Windchime71 Not much available within the Notary Cafe database about either of the two business entities you’ve identified. What were you able to find on the web?

Here is a post that may provide you with some insightful guidance regarding Remote Online Notarization [RON] platforms:

In my post (see direct Notary Cafe url below) there are multiple additional url links to provide you with further opportunities for research on RON platforms: