Is Mortgage Docs still in business?

I have been trying to reach Mortgage Docs since September 1, 2017 with no luck. I have an outstanding invoice from June 7, 2017. I have sent eleven invoices to Carol at their accounting email address ( with no reply or even an acknowledgement. They don’t answer their phone even when it says, “The next available agent will be with you in a moment”. I also have left messages on their phone with no reply. Are they dead and gone? Does anyone have info on their situation?

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Mortgage docs is still licensed to do business. That doesn’t mean they are paying their notaries. Just that they are compliant with the state of California. Try threatening to file a complaint with the attorney general in their state. it worked for a member of Folllow through if they don’t pay.

They owe me from June 2016, I tried repeatedly to collect. They called me last month to do a signing, I told them I would do it if they pay me for the last signing and this one in advance. They said goodbye and haven’t heard form them since.

I had a Mortgage Docs signing from February 2017 that I just got paid for last month. After contacting Carol in accounting I was sent not one, but two checks that bounced. After that I tried the title company (Discover Home Equity) who directed me to Lender Live. Neither were helpful. Ultimately, I filed a complaint against Discover with the CFPB, and within a week Mortgage Docs sent me a check - which I cashed directly at the bank. Hope that helps, and I hope you get paid.

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Wow, so filing a complaint with the CFPB got you paid! Excellent! I will pass this information on to others on the various nsa forums, including FB because this will be so helpful for them to get paid!

Thanks for sharing this.

I had to do that with USA-Signingagent. They finally refunded my money.