Is Notary Go a legit service?

I am wondering if anyone has any experience with NotaryGo? I was contemplating signing up but want to make sure they are legit.

Thank you!!!

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Oh, they’ve been around a long time. FKA Nations Direct. Most rate them as below average due to their ridiculously low offers. If they can’t find an idiot, they do pay much higher. Negotiation is key with this outfit or you’ll be working at a loss. They do pay, tho’…4-6 weeks.


Pay in 6 - 8 weeks, and keep careful records because you will end up chasing payments.

Very low fees. Minimal support.


They are a true business. Sometimes they pay weekly. Fees are on the lower side, but good company to start out with :wink:

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No, no…never accept that ‘pay in a week’ offer. That’s a complete loss.


In rural west Texas, they do a lot of structured settlements and debt consolidation thingies (those things most of us wont do, I can’t remember what they are called). I’ve also done some purchase packages as well. As previously said, initial offer will be VERY low. Last summer I lucked out and got 5 or 6 structured settlements in a nearby city and did it over 2 days…apparently a court had put a bunch on the docket and they had to get them done ASAP…that was the only reason they were reasonable. You will however find the structured settlements are all readers so it may take you awhile even for 17-20 pages.

For what its worth to you, they can be very structured…they want you to check in upon arrival, check in during the signing, and then check in when you are driving away…and then the timer to scan back starts and you have to check in again.

You can tell they are willing to negotiate when they CALL you vs. just the text message.

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I have worked for notarygo before, they are ligit but try to cut my wages. Ask for ridiculous stuff to sign with them. I don’t take jobs from them anymore.


NotaryGo is legit BUT they try to low ball you all the time. The only time I get decent fees are on last minute signings. They pay at the end of the month following the signings so if you have a signing on the 1st of August you won’t get paid until the 30th of September.


I signed up with them some time ago but never received any worknever heard a peep. Based on the comments I find in this thread, I guess I’m glad I haven’t.

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That is true with most signing services.

They are truly awesome and they pay😇

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I worked for NotaryGo. NEVER AGAIN


  1. Helps you start and see you mistakes.
    2.Lessons through experience
  2. Pays weekly unless you ask for mileage, then monthly
  3. Youre busy.


  1. LOW PAY ranges from $30-$65 ONLY.
    2… the most you can ask for is $20.00 for mileage (youre lucky if they pay you more for scanbacks, and other incidentals)
  2. UNREALISTIC expectations
  3. Never pay for clients non-appearance
  4. They don’t pay accordingly. Theres always a missing assignment pending payment. Then it takes months to pay. You MUST go through a particular person who is NEVER responsive.
  5. Poor communication with management. They have a “cant be bothered” attitude
  6. Management never accepts responsibility, nor are they willing to communicate if you have questions
  7. The new system is horrible. You miss alot of potential assignments.
  8. You’re on a rating system. The more you accept, the higher up the ladder you move. ONLY PROBLEM is their notification system has issues. Even if you click YES, youre not guaranteed. Thats IF you see an assignment.

This is not only my experience, but others I knew who also worked with them. Even employees apologize, unfortunately their hands are tied.

The decision is yours if you want to sign up, but youre better of reaching directly and marketing yourself. Platforms dont pay much. Youre lucky if you find a platform that pays $75

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Yes they absolutely are, but according to some of the responses here, I would definitely say that the area you live in plays a huge part in the results you get working with them. I can only speak for myself. I live in an urban, heavily populated area, and have completed many signings for them. I do alot of JGW Annuities for them. I think they are one of the companies that pay better, especially since the work is soo easy. Printing volume is very low, locations are close to base, and assignments take less then 30 minutes to complete; $60 per signing and the pay weekly, like clock work. I think that’s pretty good! In my humble opinion, it’s worth your time signing up with them.

Btw, make sure you complete your profile FULLY and take/pass their quiz to be selected for work.

Hope you found this helpful!


Honestly, with me just starting out I’m not overly worried about the low pay and am looking more for the experience. Where I live it isn’t easy to market yourself as I am in a pretty rural area. Thank you

Thank you so much! I did sign up with them and your review was helpful in my decision!

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You are very welcome, I’m glad I was able to help! Congratulations & Good Luck on your journey and if ever have any questions feel free to reach out, I’m always happy to help and offer advice… speaking of which, seeing that you are just starting out, I definiatly recommend additional training and NNA membership. I am a member and I find them to be a great resource especially when your first starting. There are a lot of great training courses out there as well, but I would have to recommed the Loan Signing System. Full disclosure, I am a LSS student and really love this course. It’s packed FULL of information and resourses, so much so, that it’s almost too much content to absorb. It’s a little pricy, but it is soo worth the investment!

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I did many signings for NotaryGo when I was first starting out. I normally don’t work with them unless the assignment is nearby or they call me and we can negotiate the fee. I have always been paid for my services. In the last year or two they offered weekly pay if you accept the offer as is and don’t ask for extra. I must have fallen off their roster or forgotten to update something because I haven’t received any offers in more than six months. I do find their software annoying as they track your arrival, completion and scan times. It’s a lot of work for a small fee.

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Yep had trouble getting paid! And they were so rude.

I have done two signings for them as well. I did an “ID Proofing” with them as well as a loan application. They offered only $45.00 for the ID Proofing but I negotiated that up to $50.00, my minimum. The loan application was already at $60.00.

Oddly enough, the ID proofing took almost 5 weeks to pay (they said it was because I “renegotiated” the fee with them), but the loan application was paid within two weeks. And both were by :“electronic” means (e-check) so I got the funds immediately.

I will work with NotaryGo again. They are one of the good guys.

I did a signing for them 7/13/2023 none since.