Is there a way to know if you have been blacklisted on

I had my first signing a couple of days ago and pretty much everything that could have been gone wrong went. Bottom line is i was able send all paper via ups and able to scan it as well but it was a bit after the time frame. Always kept in contact with the agency on the phone.

I emailed them today 2 days after the signing to see if everything went well but no response.

Could i have been blacklisted? I keep accepting signings but no luck.

Anyway to find out?

@mobilenotary.ron Good Question. :love_letter: Please share your answers to the following: How long have you been a notary? How long have you been a professional signing agent [PSA]?


The following are a few items to consider:

As a business owner, it’s as rare as “chicken’s teeth” to be the recipient of “positive” feedback. You’ll benefit from a review of this post about leaving behind the ‘employee mentality:’


YOUR QUESTION 1: This is one of the deep state “underbelly” secrets of this industry . . . there is not much of a way to determine your status if that business entity chooses NOT to share it with you.

Well, that is, unless you have some type of “internal” connection at that business entity who can research your status & then subsequently share it with you.

YOUR QUESTION 2: In our current “low volume” environment there are myriad variables that could affect your ability to receive signings. It may seem as if there is a correlation, but it’ll be quite difficult to determine causality.

NOTE: In general, within this business sector, the “positive” feedback is along the lines of => “No news is good news.


YOUR QUESTION 3: Yes. Also within this business sector, the “negative” feedback is quite swift.


In conclusion, just remember to always:

  1. Do your best work.
  2. Triple check your work BEFORE leaving the signing table.
  3. Be professional.
  4. Learn from every experience. Over time, this will generate a successful “toolbelt” of skills that will ensure you’re invaluable to your clients.
  5. Remember that we all make mistakes. If you make one, just determine what to do differently the next time & skip the self-flagellation with the cat-of-9-tails punishment . . .


Hi! Thank your for your response.
I have been a Notary Public for 5 years. However this was my first Loan Signing ever.


Don’t believe a ‘blacklist’ exists. The fact that you are receiving new notifications tends to confirm that. However, most of these platforms DO have a rating or comment section accessible only by hiring party/parties. As to not getting a response: Frankly, no news IS good news. We’ve all had ‘those days’ and that particular scheduler may avoid you for a while, but memory is short-term. I’ve had ‘those days’ go both ways—often become a ‘favorite’ because, despite the things beyond my control–I got it done right.

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I think this is a typical fear when you are first starting out. I remember staying awake at night, wondering why I wasn’t getting more signings, and wondering whether I had been blacklisted.
Most likely you are fine. If you really want to know how you did, call them. Truth is, there is a long entry curve to getting into this business, and you just have to know that and do your best to make the zero mistakes crowd. Over time, you will be seen more when a company looks for notaries in your area, but for now, you are buried under more seasoned notary’s listings.

If you are communicating with the signing service before/during/after and at the end of it all you completed the signing and scan backs and drop off were done I think you are doing a great job!

I have been told by signing services that use Signing Order that there is (if I remember the tiers correctly) Green, Red and Blacklist for notary feedback. This same company told me that they are more worried about Red feedback-indicating a bad signing or performance from the notary. But weren’t as concerned about blacklist because:

  1. Notaries can be blacklisted for replying to the signing request asking for more money and trivial things like that.
  2. Other companies may see you are blacklisted and simply chose to blacklist you too having never worked with you. Which I think is unfortunate

A good signing company that you would want to keep working with will look at your full profile or seek to develop a relationship with you.

Also keep in mind a few more things:
-When I get a signing request (specifically for a company I haven’t worked with) I call them and ask for the job. I sell myself, they will usually look at my signing order profile and sometimes comment on the positive feedback… although companies can’t specifically tell you how many Green, Red and Blacklists you have.
-I’ve had companies I’ve signed for and then “over thought” some little thing I did would blacklist me. A month goes by with no offers from them and then boom I’ve had a few requests from them, sometimes they are slow or just not busy in your area.