Issues with Bancserv notary sign up

I am on and I am at the begin the test page and have filled out my name, email, and confirm email but keep getting the same pop up stating my login session has expired!

I’ve tried Google, Firefox, I can’t figure out why it won’t let me in to take the test.
I tried calling them, and go through all the prompts to be told to check the website.

Any suggestions?


Aloha Christine!
I too am experiencing the same thing. I can’t seem to get any help on the phone or even online. So very frustrating as the window to sign up is very limited and only once a month.

Yes, I missed the window last month and tried logging in at the published time and it just won’t let me in! I called and can not seem to speak with an actual person… I’m going to give it another few tries. Maybe the system is overloaded with so many notaries trying to sign up.

Thanks for the confirmation.
Take good care and have a great day!