It may be time to beef up your E&O

My beloved notaries, I hope you are doing well. I know it has been a challenge for notaries nationwide. Today I want to encourage especially those entertaining the idea of quitting to stick around; this is the time reevaluate your situation; since you have more time available take a good look at your business-pretend it’s your baby; think of what a baby may need in order to grow. Babies don’t grow 5 feet over night, it takes time, but that will eventually happen when the right amount of nutrition and care is provided. A business is no different. With that in mind, would you still consider abandoning your baby because he or she are not doing well? I don’t think so. Matter of fact, we would love them all the more, wouldn’t we? Here’s one way you can show your baby-business your love for them?

This is a simple yet powerful tip that will help your business go in the right direction. Let me ask you…How much is your E&O coverage right now? If your answer is $20k, $35K or perhaps $50 it may be the reason you are not getting jobs. SS will always say we are required to coverage with a minimum of $35k others no less than $50k but what they will never tell you is they will choose notaries with a much higher E&O over you all the time: Ask me how I know!

I’d highly recommend to have an E&O of no less $100k; This is only a suggestion you may have more than that if I you want and are able to pay. What that will do is make the system’s algorithms of these SS favor you. The end result is signing jobs being assigned/sent to you first. I recently did this myself and I kid not the next day I was getting more work out SS companies. Here’s caveat, while I’ve seen great improvement after purchasing more insurance, business is not quite what I want it to be and results may vary nevertheless I’m super excited for having made this move hence why I thought of sharing this little gem with you all. Thank you for stopping by, take care and take care of your baby


I must admit when I first started I too had the minimum $25k and after increasing it to $100k it improved my notifications along with my acceptance ratios.

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Having worked at a law firm for 27 years and also doing Loan Signing with my own company, I learned early on that the difference is cost is minimal compared to the opporutnities with higher E&O. I currently carry $1,000,000.00 coverage. It does make a difference.

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Agreed. I noticed a big up-tick when I went from $35 to 1M. It makes a difference!

Can I ask where you purchased a million dollar E &O
Asked NNA and they don’t
Thank you for your kindness in replying
You can text me at 14152990192

I also have a million dollar policy for my LLC which has me added to its insurance as an employee. NNA didn’t have what I needed so I went with the company who handles my home and vehicle insurance

I’m not aware of any $1 MIL E&O insurance policies out there (in our industry anyway). They are either selling you Professional Liability Insurance or an umbrella policy.