I've gotten 2 notary requests requiring I provide an extra witness

Has anyone else been requested to provide a 2nd witness to a signing?
I find it odd that as a notary would be asked to provide an additional witness. Seems like it should be the responsibility of the client, no?
If we are to find a 2nd witness to a signing, then that person should be paid for their time as well.

TIA for any advice,

I’ve always been compensated for what I have to pay a witness…and it varies if a lot of travel is also needed. It doesn’t happen often, but when it does, they expect to have to pay a witness quite well. And witnesses like to be paid on the spot…by YOU, so you’re fronting that, too.

When I was working as a real estate closer, I actually hired mobile notaries and I always asked the signer if they could provide a witness, if not we would request the notary provide. We normally paid an extra $25 to the notary as compensation to the witness.

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Thank you for your feedback and insight. I appreciate it.

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Thank you for your reply.
The company wasn’t willing to pay for the witness I was to bring and was only willing to pay $50 for the refi as well. I passed. $50 doesn’t even cover the paper and toner for a refi of 200 pages+.


Good decision. Keep it up and we may see reasonable fees.


Typically they let you know before you accept the closing whether you or they will provide one. Although one off my first signings ever they did NOT tell me or the buyer and thankfully I was able to bring my wife along, which I have done a few more times. There are certain witness states (like FL) which always require them for real estate deals. Also make sure you follow your state laws when it comes to being your own witness.

If you are in a larger area you could always try and get other notaries to come along but I find it is hard to coordinate and I personally don’t like to accept a signing that I need to provide a witness if I don’t 100% know I will be able to.

Also agree with the above comments, $25 per witness (not counting you if you are the 1st witness) is fairly typical. Also respect for turning down a low ball offer…we all need to do our part to get these fees up!

If they don’t tell me in advance, I call and ask for an additional $25. I’ve never had this request turned down.
While I’m in Ohio, which does not require witnesses for deeds or mortgages, a lot of residents in my area have 2nd homes in Florida. Florida requires 2 witnesses and I typically can be one.
While it can be a pain at times, I’ve always been able to find a retiree willing to go along with me.

I live in FL and I rarely am asked to bring a witness for loan signings. It is not required in FL. Certain title companies do required it though which is why I asked the question. I did have a request to be a witness and bring another witness for a Will signing. They paid us equally and I was totally find with that.