Jacksonville, Fl

I am finding that companies in Jax are offering as low as $65. Refusing or letting them know my price but willing to work for them within reason, will cause loss of assignments. It feels like a catch 22. I know I’m worth more, how would you handle this? How can I find out average rate in this area? (recently relocated)

I personally don’t allow companies to set my compensation. My time and services are valuable. I do not work with companies who low ball me. I meet a lot of agents and lenders who feel NSA’s are incompetent. If a signing company would rather pay less money to increase their bottom line rather than share what is fair for quality professional service then I don’t care to be affiliated with them. I would recommend signing up with SnapDocs and NNA’s SigningAgent.Com. I get quite a few orders from those sources (mostly title companies) who often pay double that amount. Again, value your time and services and stick to that unless you just want to make money. $100.00 in my minimum with certain companies I have a good relationship with and for most I do more than that. I would build relationships with title companies.

Do you find that our fees are primarily based on location?

Key is working Direct, like Earitha states, along with willingness to say NO.
Also check the saturation of notaries in your area (you can enter zip code here & on notary rotary).
Some (remote) areas may command higher fees due to terrain and travel involved.

Always have YOUR bottom line in mind. Set your fees and Stick to them! You’re in business to fill a Need and to be treated fairly and professionally.

I feel your pain! There are several companies who are notorious for offering $65 for a refi. There is too much work and time involved to take that low fee. When I get phone calls asking if I am available and offering me $65, I tell them that is too low and tell them my fee (minimum is $90) Usually they say "I’ll have to get it approved and I don’t hear back because someone has agreed to do it for $65. When these companies call me for last minute work because someone cancelled, i usually get my fee and then some! Don’t short change your services. There are a lot of companies who will meet your minimum or offer decent fees to start with. Snapdocs is great, this site is great and check out the list of signing services with three stars or more on Notary Rotary, for the better paying companies. If a company pays in less than 30 days, I will take a lower fee (but never $65). My lowest is $85 and that is if it is 5 miles or less from my home.
Weldome to Jacksonville! This is a great place to live!

I agree with you, and thanks for the tips. how busy are you during the week charging this amount?