During a snowstorm I rec’d a call from this company to complete a loan signing immediately. I let her know I was on my way to another signing but I could get there about two hours after the call. She said she would let the borrower know, she never did…the next few hours were filled with calls, and confusion. I finally called the borrower myself and she was sitting at the bank for two hours. When I arrived I apologized, spent a great deal of time with her, and it ended well. Now it seems that the company is ghosting me…lol. Anyone work with them?

This is why I always follow up a phone call with an email, keeping it in writing. Because it is very common for signing companies to DUMP such on us all the time.

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I did email I have since rec’d a check. Ty.

Interesting… what did they pay you ?

I’m so disappointed having to read that this company stiffed a Notary. In mid-April of this year, 2022, I did a signing for JloweDiversified, and expected to be paid in 30 days. I waited over 30 days before I reached out to them via email about getting paid, but no response. I sent another email but have yet received a response. I get the feeling this company is not going to pay me because it’s impossible to reach anyone on the phone.
Anyone else have an issue with Jlowediversified in Florida.

I never worked with them before, but send an invoice via email, then send another hard copy in the mail. Charge them for the postage on the email and stipulate its past due (yes, its minimal) but it will give them idea that you will charge for any further collection activities you may choose to pursue.


Thanks for your input. In fact, I did send an invoice to JLowe via mail and was paid within a matter of days, but that was after a couple of emails requesting payment a month after my assignment. Thanks again.

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