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Has anyone done a signing with Jot in the last two weeks? I had one a few days before Christmas, and the day of the signing (Dec 22) the site “went down” due to a cyber attack at FirstAm bank. Since then, the site has remained closed, and there is no end run around to get back in.
Just wondering if anyone has had a signing since then, and did you get paid by them?

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@hobartnotaryservices Your moniker appears familiar, but the system identifies you just joined the Notary Cafe forum 1 day ago. Welcome!

A plethora of readily available information is found within the Notary Cafe database. It’s truly a GOLDMINE! It’s very insightful & helpful, too!

It’s always wise to research & vet a new client prior to providing a definitive confirmation to them for your initial Signing Order for them. A great start of research would begin within the Notary Cafe forums Search Function.

Many members find it difficult/nearly impossible to locate the Search Function in order to access the wealth of info available within the database.

To be helpful, I’ve inserted an image for you & others [see below] to help members locate it to unlock the wisdom & knowledge of other members on the forums.

Accessing the database to locate info about potential clients has saved many of us an inordinate amount of time ‘chasing’ payments for Services professionally provided to potential non-payers . . .


There are 2 recent posts about Jot (6d & 4d respectively):


I too am chasing payment(s) from December. Jot is down, they are not returning emails, nor answering the phone. Their corporate office automated message doesn’t accept voice messages. First Am Escrow/Title reps have told me that JOT is definitely their platform, not a separate company. First Am has provided notice on their website they experienced a cyber attack, and although one might interpret from the sequencial updates that things are back to normal, when speaking to an Escrow officer today today, they still have not resumed normal operations (or payments) through this service.

I have called and emailed the Escrow Officers on the files I am awaiting payment, recived no response to the emails and was further told in a phone call this morning “that I will just have to wait and that they don’t have any updates” and was then abruptly dismissed (dispite kindly and professionally expressing my concern and asking a why question), that “if JOT is really is their own title platform, not a separate company/SS, why can’t they just disburse checks directly from Title to Notaries like they do all other closing fees and payoffs from closed transcations?” When I asked this question, I was told they can’t do that and was essentially hung up on, without awaiting my response.
Is anyone being told something different or know something definitive?

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