Joylilia Roxaloya

Have anyone received a strange email from Joylilia Roxaloya, offering to be part of a project???.. she/he found my name in Notary Café.
It’s so informal, that I smell another scam :unamused:


I just received the same email but cannot find this person on Linked-In or Notary Cafe.

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Exactly! I did the same. Looks like Marie Ayadinka (whatever her name was) from a couple of months ago :sweat_smile:


I just got an email from the same person lol!

No, I can’t say I have.

Does she tell you what the project is or who the project is for? Or is it a basic email with limited to no specifics surrounding the nature of the request?


Very basic, not business at all… not even company name or location.

Fatima, you know exactly what to do…block the sender of the email to prevent future junk/spam emails and then delete it.


I did, immediately sent it to spam for all future emails

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Sounds to me like the Bozdechoddoyee one I received today. More than likely a scam. I blocked and sent to spam for future emails too.

It was a scam, that’s for sure, Lillya

I have also received that as well as the Marie Adeyenka emails. I Google the law firm and the address. I also called the number which was not a legit number. It’s a scam. Block and delete. Rule of thumb, Google the company, check reviews, check with Notary Cafe. If it looks suspicious stay far away from it do not send personal information through emails. You never know who’s on the other side of it.

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I have not received that email, but I did receive a couple of emails with female names and their using hotmail and gmail addresses. Their asking me to do a singing for $300 to $450. Whateverrr!!! I was directed to a link to open the documents and immediately got a WARNING that it was a risk to open. When I emailed one of the ladies back, I got CRICKETS!! So when the second email came through like that, I just blocked it. Scammers are staying up late to try and find a way to make a fast buck. BEWARE!!!