Just a Notary

I love it when people down play our profession. I get it all the time “Oh You’re just a notary”. I usually laugh and say “Ok”. I laugh because they have no idea how much potential income comes along with being a Notary Public. There are several streams in which you could use your seal to produce revenue for yourself, ie; Simple Notary Jobs, Loan Signing Agent Jobs, Certified Immigration Forms Specialist, Officiant. How do you all handle comments like this when people ask what do you do???

Same way you do. Don’t need to encourage more competition.


Sometimes I just tell them “I’m just a notary” to keep it simple😂 And keep moving.


I have held so many different positions throughout my working career. I don’t let it bother me because they have no idea. Just smile to yourself and know who you are. :two_hearts:

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