Just saw the first debt settlement notification I SAID NO!

just got this notification

I SAID NO!!, I heard horrible things about debt settlements, notaries are not supposed to do these yet they are sending out notations.

I feel bad for notaries who would accept this not knowing
spread the word!!!


I’ve done a couple of them. Why are notaries not supposed to do them and where did you hear/read that? Just wondering for the future. TIA.


technically as notaries your not supposed to act as a debit settlement agent
most notaries stay away from them.

in some cases some notaries can be sued

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They’re not usually called debit settlements, they’re usually called debt settlements.


had a spelling error

thank you


The firms that advertise nationally to do debt settlements, as a group, have a reputation of collecting lots of fees from the debtors and doing very little to assist the debtor. Some of them are out-and-out scams. And you’re the one who visited the debtor, so when things turn out poorly, the debtor is apt to come after you.

There are not-for-profit local credit counseling services that are reputable and charge affordable fees, sometimes based on the client’s ability to pay. Most states have a special phone number, 211, set aside for people needing non-emergency assistance. These 211 organizations will often be able to direct people to reputable credit counseling. I know the 211 in my state, Vermont, can make a referral, and the firm they refer to does not make use of mobile notaries.

Several years ago the Vermont legislature investigated the possibility of setting up mandatory licensing for debt settlement companies because of the numerous complaints, but nothing came of it.


i understand thank you

what’s your experience with debt settlements?
how did they go?
what’s the process?

how was your experience with them?

Not only do I refuse to do debt settlements, but I black list any signing service that asks me to do one. I block the signing signing service email and phone number.


They got me for a membership fee that I didn’t ask for. Took it right out of my fee. Needless to say I only received $29 for the service I rendered to NPN. A valuable and costly lesson learned.


thank you for sharing

Went fine! You read around 9 pages and they follow along their slides. I’ve done a couple and both clients seemed to already know and understand everything I was reading and were also already aware of their payment amount and payoffs. It takes about an hour so I charge accordingly.


Hello Jessica
I do the debt settlement all the time. I don’t see what the problem is it is helping people get out of debt faster. I have been doing signing for NPN for 6 years and they recognize there top notaries with different awards and a segment on there site to acknowledge their top notaries. No other company acknowledged the hard work and effort we put in to go out in this pandemic to do a closing. Even if it is $75 you have less than a 100 pages to print.


Why would 9 pages take an hour?

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Can someone explain what NPN means?

I know right?! If you receive a call they act like it won’t take any time at all, however… 9 full letter pages takes about 30 minutes and then there’s about 40 pages to sign and fill out. So it takes about 45-1hr from getting out of the car to getting back in. Still simple and easy but charge accordingly for your time and travel.

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Yes please, what is NPN

They got me for one but I declined to continue when they called me and demanded that I read their sales script. This is blood money coming from the most vulnerable of our population. You did the right thing getting out of that call.


If you type in the hour glass (the search) up above with those letters it will give you lots of information on what it is.
Be blessed.